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The Chefs’ Warehouse was founded on<br />

the principles of service, integrity, and<br />

the best in class products.<br />

The collection of producers in the following pages represent just<br />

a few of the long standing partners Chris and John Pappas sought<br />

along the way as The Chefs’ Warehouse became the National<br />

Premier Specialty Food Distributor in the United States. These<br />

producers embody the dedication to their craft and vision for the<br />

future, which align with The Chefs’ Warehouse principles.<br />




Agrimontana International 6<br />

King Arthur Baking Company 38<br />

Artuso 8<br />

Lecoq Cuisine 40<br />

Barry Callebaut 10<br />

Les vergers Boiron 42<br />

Bob's Red Mill 12<br />

Matisse 44<br />

Bridor 14<br />

Maui Foods International 46<br />

Caputo 16<br />

McLure's 48<br />

Chocoa 18<br />

Nielsen Massey 50<br />

Crescendo 20<br />

Overseas Food Trading, Ltd. 52<br />

Cup4Cup 22<br />

Pidy 54<br />

David's Cookies 24<br />

PreGel 56<br />

Dufour <strong>Pastry</strong> Kitchens 26<br />

Symphony Pastries 58<br />

Grand Reserve 28<br />

Tribeca Oven 60<br />

Guittard 30<br />

Valrhona 62<br />

Harbar 32<br />

Varda Chocolatier 66<br />

Hero 34<br />

Villa Dolce 68<br />

iSi 36<br />




A Step Back In Time… A Step Up In Quality.<br />

Artuso founder Vincent F. Artuso Sr. started the American dream when he migrated to the states<br />

from Reggio di Calabria, Italy in 1930. By 1946, his dream became a reality when he proudly opened<br />

Artuso Pasty Shop in New York’s famous Little Italy section of the Bronx. With the addition of an<br />

expanding wholesale manufacturing facility, their authentic Italian desserts are shipped nationwide.<br />

Today, Artuso’s remains a family-owned and operated New York fixture and is enjoying its fourth<br />

generation. Their commitment to superior quality has rendered countless awards and industry recognition.<br />

All of these accolades are further proof that Artuso <strong>Pastry</strong> is more than just a family success<br />

story – it’s an American success story.<br />

@artusopastry<br />

@artusopastryshop Artuso<strong>Pastry</strong>.com<br />



Megan Bell, USA<br />

Dimitri Fayard, USA<br />

Lauren Haas, USA<br />

Philippe Vancayseele, Canada<br />

Megan Bell, USA<br />

Martin Diez, USA<br />

Gabrielle Draper, USA<br />

Nicolas Dutertre, Canada<br />

Domenica Lazo, USA<br />

Russ Thayer, USA<br />

Mark Seaman, USA<br />

Alicia Boada, USA<br />









Stay inspired and<br />

stay in touch:<br />

Chocolate Academy Chicago<br />

@ChicagoChocolateAcademy<br />

Chocolate Academy Montreal<br />

@ChocolateAcademyMontreal<br />




Part of a world network of 23 Chocolate<br />

Academy Centers, our CHOCOLATE<br />

ACADEMIES in Chicago and Montreal<br />

empower chocolate artisans, pastry chefs,<br />

confectioners and bakers with solutions to<br />

improve their skills in chocolate and master<br />

new techniques and trends.<br />




Inspiring creativity by unlocking<br />

sensorial richness of cacao and<br />

chocolate.<br />

Crafted in Belgium from<br />

bean to the Finest Belgian<br />

Chocolate, at the heart of<br />

great tasting delights.<br />

Classis and innovative chocolate<br />

decorations to turn your<br />

everyday dessert creations into<br />

extraordinary delights.<br />

Premium quality nut butters,<br />

sweetened nut pastes, and<br />

crunchy toppings and inclusions.<br />

Premium domestic brand<br />

producing chips, chunks<br />

& couvertures. Supporting<br />

Everyday Inspirations.<br />

Swiss dessert partner of choice<br />

for chefs, chocolatiers and<br />

pastry chefs across the world<br />

since 1931.<br />


Good Food c Great Heart<br />

Bob Moore and his wife, Charlee, founded Bob’s Red Mill<br />

in 1978 with the mission of bringing people back to basics<br />

with nutritious whole grains and minimally processed foods.<br />

Charlee believed in the benefts of whole grains long before<br />

they were widely accepted, which inspired Bob to launch our<br />

mill with stone ground whole wheat four and a handful of other goods.<br />

Since then, our company has expanded greatly, but it has never strayed from<br />

that core mission. Today, we offer more than 200 products, and we’re a leader<br />

in gluten free, non-GMO, organic and whole grain foods! We also believe in<br />

taking care of the people who helped us get here: Bob’s Red Mill is now proudly<br />

100% employee owned, and we’re committed<br />

to upholding the values and legacy of Bob<br />

and Charlee Moore.<br />

We invite you to explore our products:<br />

it’s our privilege to bring you Good Food<br />

with Great Heart!<br />

bobsredmill.com<br />


Gluten Free Is<br />

Better c Bob’s<br />

Just one product makes gluten free cookies, cakes, pancakes,<br />

brownies, pasta and more! Simply substitute for wheat fours<br />

in equal parts.<br />

Reasons to ❤ our<br />

Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour<br />

• Great for gluten free baking, thickening, dusting,<br />

coating, sauces and gravies<br />

• Tested and confrmed gluten free using R5 sandwich<br />

ELISA testing method<br />

• Includes xanthan gum<br />


Founded in 1984 by Louis LE DUFF, Bridor has grown alongside the leaders in gastronomy.<br />

With a worldwide presence, Bridor has become the supplier of premium<br />

quality breads and pastry products and a trusted partner of the most prestigious<br />

restaurants and hospitality groups (4 and 5 stars worldwide). Louis LE DUFF, Chairman<br />

and founder of the Le Duf Group and Bridor always claims that “this success is<br />

due to the quality of our employees, our state-of-the-art industrial technology and a<br />

constant quest for excellence in producing high-quality, healthy food".<br />

At Bridor, quality is the creation of a product that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Quality is expressed<br />

through the innovative and creative solutions that our teams ofer, tailoring each customer’s selection to their unique<br />

needs. Bridor’s products speak for themselves and every chef that tastes our products eagerly adopts them into their<br />

kitchens. Working with the Bridor team means living excellence every day.<br />

The partnership between Bridor and Chefs Warehouse strives to deliver the best in Viennese pastries and bread.<br />

Together, we provide exceptional products to independent chefs, patisseries, bakeries, hotels, and restaurateurs to<br />

elevate their ofering nationwide.<br />

Our teams are committed to supporting the creativity of American chefs and satisfying their needs by providing a consistently<br />

superior-quality and innovative product selection in artisan baked goods. We look forward to working with you!<br />






Since our founding in 1924, three<br />

generations of the Caputo family have<br />

produced flour in accordance with the<br />

ancient Neapolitan art of baking. The result<br />

of a fortunate incident of “backwards<br />

emigration," our mill was founded in 1924,<br />

when brothers Carmine and Pasquale Caputo<br />

returned to Capua, their hometown, after<br />

gaining work experience in the USA. When<br />

Carmine passed away, the company passed<br />

into the hands of his son, then 21-year-old<br />

Antimo Caputo.<br />

To grow the business, Antimo moved the mill<br />

to Naples as the wheat used in the production<br />

of flour arrived by boat. Business grew and in<br />

the 1960s the first silo was constructed. When<br />

a fire devastated the mill in the 1970s,<br />

Antimo's wife Maddalena and their two sons<br />

Carmine and Eugenio rebuilt it even bigger<br />

and better than before. By the 1980s, Caputo<br />

was the gold standard for local artisans.<br />

Caputo has been a family owned business<br />

for generations. We still use the same<br />

traditional milling technique, and treat<br />

our flour with love and respect.

Images are from Biscuit Love in Nashville, TN!<br />

The last few decades have seen Carmine and Eugenio’s sons, Antimo and Mauro, come on<br />

board. We’ve entered markets like the United States and Japan, bolstered by our strong<br />

commitment to the culture of traditional pizza and Campanian products..<br />

Today, our team of quality experts checks each variety in the field, so we can control and<br />

supervise our grain “from the seed to the mill.” We survey the best Italian and European<br />

wheats and every wheat variety is analyzed in our lab before purchase. Rheological and<br />

microbiological analysis are made on various samples in order to ensure they meet our<br />

quality and safety standards. A team of skillful operators checks the main characteristics of<br />

every blend, so we can truly stand behind every bag of flour we package.<br />

Our mission is to bring you expertly crafted flours for every purpose. Selection and<br />

blending of wheat is a skill, and it’s one we’ve proudly handed down from generation to<br />

generation. We want to be a point of inspiration for you in the way we craft our<br />

ingredients and hold them to the highest standards. We’re constantly innovating,<br />

evolving, and perfecting our craft!<br />

This is the art of Caputo, the Mill of Naples.<br />


Chocoa is the choice of chocolate,<br />

dessert & pastry professionals in<br />

North America. For three generations,<br />

Chocoa chocolatiers have traveled<br />

to the world’s most important cacao<br />

processors to hand select only the<br />

highest quality all-natural ingredients.<br />

The Chocoa Collection includes an<br />

array of cocoa powders, cocoa butter,<br />

chunks, chips, cups and innovative<br />

decorations like caviar and pearls to<br />

inspire you.<br />

Exclusive to<br />



Crescendo offers a complete line<br />

of pastry ingredients with a focus<br />

on innovation and value, without<br />

compromising quality.<br />

Key products include: a complete<br />

line of sweet and savory tart shells,<br />

pastry bags, frozen macarons,<br />

pastry mixes, fondants, edible<br />

wafers, decorative dusts, assorted<br />

vanilla products, gold leaf, finished<br />

desserts and much more!<br />

Exclusive to<br />




Premium Flours and Baking Mixes,<br />

from Chef Thomas Keller.<br />

Cup4Cup’s story began in 2010 at THOMAS KELLER’S lauded restaurant,<br />

THE FRENCH LAUNDRY. It was here that chefs developed a gluten free<br />

Cornet of Salmon Tartare in response to diners who didn’t want to miss out<br />

on this menu highlight. The gluten free cornet tasted just like the original<br />

recipe. This culinary creation was a turning point.<br />

The result of the kitchen experiment yielded Cup4Cup—the frst 1:1<br />

gluten free four that eliminated complicated conversions and delivered<br />

premium taste, texture and performance. Just as its name suggests,<br />

Cup4Cup replaces traditional all-purpose four or whole wheat four in any<br />

recipe, cup-for-cup and gram-for-gram.<br />

Cup4Cup also provides easy-to-use baking mixes that deliver the same<br />

consistency and texture of regular four. Customers can utilize our library of<br />

sweet and savory recipes developed by our chefs for the growing gluten free<br />

community, their friends and families.<br />

• Certifed Gluten Free Flours and Baking Mixes<br />

• Premium Taste, Texture and Performance<br />

• Available in 25# food service bags<br />

• Made with Non-GMO Project Verifed Ingredient<br />

• Kosher<br />

• Made in USA<br />

www.cup4cup.com<br />



David Leiderman, a classically trained French chef<br />

cooking in New York City, had a particular fondness<br />

for cookies and other baked goods. After visiting<br />

boutique cookie stores on the West Coast he thought<br />

the idea of a store selling premium quality fresh<br />

baked cookies would translate well to the Eastern US.<br />

Using his training and only the finest all natural<br />

ingredients - pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate<br />

and whole nuts – he created the ultimate Chocolate<br />

Chunk cookie and featured it in his first David’s Cookies<br />

store on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan which opened<br />

in 1979. An instant hit, these delicious cookies won<br />

many awards including the NY Newsday Award for<br />

the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie. David began<br />

franchising and soon there were 25 David's Cookies<br />

stores in Manhattan alone, 75 in the greater New York<br />

area and over 150 additional stores worldwide selling<br />

22 different varieties of fresh baked cookies.<br />

Throughout the 1990’s David's Cookies continued its<br />

evolution into a full line dessert supplier producing<br />

brownies, crumb cakes, muffin batters, thaw & serve<br />

muffins and cheesecakes. With the acquisition of<br />

Bittersweet Pastries, the line grew to include upscale<br />

thaw and serve tarts, layer cakes and single serve<br />

desserts as well.<br />

Today, with its diverse line of dessert offerings which<br />

now includes scone dough, rugalach, vegan cookie<br />

dough and gluten free products, David’s Cookies can<br />

satisfy the demands of all segments of the foodservice<br />

industry from schools to white tablecloth restaurants.<br />

Working with major broadline and specialty<br />

foodservice distributors, David’s Cookies products<br />

are readily available throughout the United States<br />

and are exported internationally.<br />

Business thrived until the late 1980’s when increased<br />

operating costs forced many of the stores to close.<br />

The company was then purchased by Fairfield<br />

Gourmet Foods Corp, a New Jersey based gourmet<br />

dessert company. The David’s brand was rejuvenated<br />

by introducing the now-classic Chocolate Chunk<br />

cookie and the other flavors of frozen cookie dough<br />

into Foodservice.<br />



Dufour <strong>Pastry</strong> Kitchens co-founders and co-owners, Judi Arnold and Carla Krasner, left Carnegie Hall and<br />

classical concert management, looking for a change from promoting the careers of others. Judi was a high<br />

energy salesperson who was also a great cook, and Carla had a flair for baking, furthered by the culinary classes<br />

she took during a college year in France. They decided to combine their talents and rented a table in a caterer’s<br />

kitchen where they set out to experiment with savory pastry recipes. When the caterer asked if they could<br />

make puff pastry hors d’oeuvres for her events, the revelation that the caterer did not make everything in house<br />

led them to discover their niche, and Dufour <strong>Pastry</strong> Kitchens was born. The name Dufour, a combination of the<br />

French words “du” and “four”- from the oven - was a nod to the appeal of French cuisine and to the French<br />

pastry they were perfecting.<br />

In 1983 prepared frozen hors d’oeuvres were a rarity. Encouraged by great reactions from the chefs who tasted<br />

their samples, Judi and Carla launched their line of creative, high quality, frozen savory pastries for the food<br />

service trade, starting from a 900 square foot storefront in the still gritty Gansevoort Meat Market. Judi began<br />

marketing and immediately sold the St. Regis Hotel. Other prestigious hotels soon came on board, grateful for<br />

help with their quality banquet menus. Numerous caterers including the original Balducci’s, Bloomingdale’s<br />

and Macy’s all sold Dufour products under their own brand.<br />

Eventually chefs began to ask for the dough that Dufour made to encase their hors d’oeuvres. The resulting<br />

product lines, all-butter puff pastry and pie doughs as well as assorted raw, hand-crafted tart shells became the<br />

mainstays of the business. The complete range of Dufour products has been awarded 19 Sofi awards. The<br />

classic puff pastry has won in both the Best Baked Good/Baking Ingredient category and in the overall category<br />

of Best Classic. The recipe has not changed since the company’s founding: butter from an upstate New York<br />

dairy, flour, water, salt, and lemon juice with an over 50% butter to flour ratio. Four traditional book-fold turns<br />

produce the perfect flaky pastry.<br />

Dufour <strong>Pastry</strong> Kitchens now operates from a modern facility in the Bronx, not far from Chefs’ Warehouse.<br />

100% women owned, the employees are over 2/3 women and 75% Bronx residents. They have been awarded<br />

the Certificate of Merit from the Bronx Borough President for their contribution to the economic development<br />

of the Bronx. True to their roots, the creative team at Dufour continues to develop savory and sweet pastries<br />

while producing the best available puff pastry, pie doughs and hand-crafted tart shells to encourage creativity<br />

and innovation in every kitchen.<br />

26<br />

Dufourpastrykitchens.com<br />

251 Locust Ave. Bronx, NY 10454<br />

Tel: 718-402-8800


28<br />

Exclusive to

GRAN<br />


TTER<br />

AVAI<br />

83%<br />

LA<br />

B<br />

LE<br />

IN<br />

80%, 82%<br />

D<br />

N<br />

, A<br />




MADE FRESH &<br />




RATING)<br />



82% & 83%<br />

European style butter that is smooth, creamy, and<br />

low in moisture therefore resulting in a higher<br />

melting point. Ideal for sauce, table serving, and<br />

dough lamination such as puff pastry dough.<br />

80%<br />

With a better price but lower fat content, this<br />

butter can be used for the same applications as<br />

the 82% and 83% butter.<br />



P A S S I O N .<br />

1 5 0 Y E A R S I N<br />

T H E M A K I N G .<br />


Delicious and Wholesome<br />

Tortillas for every dish,<br />

every taste, every occasion<br />

and every lifestyle<br />

Harbar was founded in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts in 1986 by<br />

cousins Maria and Ricardo, who were one of the first of their time in the<br />

US to believe that the best tasting tortillas came from using natural<br />

ingredients resulting in the cleanest recipe possible. Although the<br />

company changed ownership during the years, Harbar has always<br />

remained a heritage-rich, family business with a commitment to<br />

delicious and wholesome tortillas, wraps and related products.<br />

Our two production facilities are in Canton, MA and serve the 50 states<br />

and 3 continents. Inspired by our traditional roots, we bake a large<br />

family of products ranging from traditional corn and wheat tortillas to a<br />

variety of better-for-you options like low carb, gluten free and grain<br />

free, among others. Our products are offered under 3 brands: Maria<br />

and Ricardo’s, Mayan Farm and Wrappy that serve the food service<br />

segment.<br />

After 35 years of operation, Harbar continues as a minority owned<br />

business that is committed to innovation, quality and service. We are<br />

passionate about our products and are always eager to share our<br />

tortilla ‘goodness’ with our customers, partners and friends.<br />

Ezequiel “Cheque” Montemayor<br />

CEO<br />



Nestled on the edge of a lush valley with the Alps standing proudly in the distance, Hero has its<br />

humble beginnings in the small, picturesque town of Lenzburg, Switzerland. It was here where two<br />

friends — Gustav Henckell and Carl Roth — joined forces to open up a local fruit and vegetable<br />

conserve factory under the shadow of the Lenzburg Castle.<br />

Founded in 1886, Hero has a long history of sharing nature’s bounty with the world. Henckell and<br />

Roth captivated consumers by conserving the goodness they found in nature, and we pride ourselves<br />

on continuing to carry that legacy into the future. We preserve fruit at its peak ripeness, which<br />

transports consumers to the very instant in which the perfectly ripe produce was plucked fresh<br />

from the orchard, meadow, or feld. This was the way it had always been done, and it is the way it<br />

will always be done. We want to bring this heritage to today's consumers who share Hero’s love of<br />

naturally good food.<br />

Over the past 130 years, Hero has grown from the small Swiss factory into the premier producer<br />

of Preserves, Fruit Spreads, Baking Jams, Gels, Glazes, Finishing Dessert Sauces, and Highly<br />

Concentrated Fruit Paste Compounds. Hero services over 250 million customers in 30 countries,<br />

making us a global leader in this industry. The Hero product line is High Fructose corn syrup free,<br />

Gluten Free, Non GMO, Kosher Certifed, Halal Certifed, and is the choice of Chefs, <strong>Pastry</strong> Chefs and<br />

businesses in the food service industry who want only the fnest taste and premium quality for their<br />

customers. With a precision rivalling that of Swiss watch makers, Hero wants you to enjoy Swiss<br />

Premium Quality, wherever you are.<br />

To experience the Hero products for yourself, please visit herofoodservice.com<br />

or contact info@herofoodservice.com to request your free Hero samples.<br />



Let yourself be inspired.<br />

Years of experience, innovation, and the highest quality. That's how standards are set. iSi represents the highest<br />

level of quality around the world. This is just as true for charger production as it is for the manufacturing of cream<br />

and soda siphons. Years of experience drive iSi to continuously set new standards. Our Vienna site produces<br />

chargers and whippers which meet the highest international demands in terms of technology and quality.<br />

iSi Whippers are used throughout the world, in award-winning professional kitchens, cofee bars, cocktail bars,<br />

and catering. Wherever they are used, they help to make work easier and create inspiring dishes.<br />

iSi Chargers and iSi Whippers are designed to work perfectly together. The seamless function of your iSi Whipper<br />

can only be warrantied when used exclusively with iSi Chargers. All iSi products are subject to strict safety and<br />

quality standards. They comply with HACCP and NSF Standards for your safety.<br />

A family-run company founded in the heart of Europe. iSi is an Austrian<br />

institution that is represented today in more than 90 countries around the<br />

world. iSi began as Karl Fischer-Pochtler GmbH, during the early 19th century.<br />

The CO 2<br />

chargers used for making soda water and the N 2<br />

O chargers for<br />

creating whipped cream, soups, sauces, & foams make up the core products<br />

of the company’s Culinary division.<br />

The company is still family-run: Christian<br />

C. Pochtler is a direct descendant of the<br />

Fischer-Pochtler family. He has successfully<br />

led the company into the 21st century with<br />

an innovative business strategy.<br />

iSi North America headquarters<br />

is located in Fairfeld, NJ.<br />

Visit: www.iSiFoodservice.com<br />


Oreo ® Cafe Latte<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 100 g Mascarpone cheese<br />

• 100 g Oreo cookies<br />

• 100 g Milk<br />

• 200 g Heavy cream<br />

• iSi 1 Pint Whipper & 1 iSi Professional N 2<br />

O Charger<br />

Method:<br />

1. Blend mascarpone, Oreo, & milk for 10 seconds.<br />

2. Add cream to the mixture after blending.<br />

3. Filter through an iSi Funnel and Sieve (removing<br />

small cookie pieces), into a 1 Pt. iSi Whipper.<br />

4. Screw on 1 iSi Professional Charger.<br />

5. Shake 4-5 times, test, and shake again until<br />

desired creaminess texture.<br />

6. Double this recipe for use with a 1 Qt. iSi Whipper<br />

and use 2 chargers.<br />




Our story begins in 1991, when French Baker and <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef Eric Lecoq started<br />

making croissants out of a rented garage in Port Chester, NY. We quickly outgrew<br />

that space and are now rolling croissants in our Bridgeport, CT facility.<br />

Using only the finest quality ingredients and the most innovative manufacturing<br />

methods, Chef Lecoq’s passion brought the hand of the skilled pastry chef and<br />

the traditional flavor and flaky crispness of the butter-laced croissant to a costeffective,<br />

ready to bake frozen pastry.<br />

Ingredients- Quality without compromise! No trans-fats! Only the finest<br />

ingredients are used in the manufacture of all Lecoq Cuisine pastries: 100% pure<br />

butter, French chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, signature flour blend and our<br />

homemade fillings. It all begins with the right ingredients to create the perfect<br />

viennoiseries!<br />

Shelf life - Once frozen, the shelf life of all of the pastries manufactured through<br />

the signature Lecoq Cuisine process is from 3 to 9 months.<br />

Final shaping - All pastries are hand-shaped, adding an artisanal final touch.<br />

O R D E R N O W<br />

Standards- Every batch is sampled and baked to make certain that our<br />

customers receive a delicious and visually appealing product. We use clean<br />

ingredients that do not contain GMO's. Our pastries are certified Kosher Dairy<br />

(expect our savory line). We are a USDA/FDA approved and SQF Certified facility<br />

.<br />

Cost - Very affordable luxury!<br />


The Lecoq Cuisine Team<br />


Born<br />

with<br />

passion,<br />

made<br />

with love<br />

and<br />

butter<br />

E R I C L E C O Q<br />


Since the beginning of Les vergers Boiron, there was a passion for fruit.<br />

The Boiron family, originally from the Ardèche region of France, started<br />

a fruit trading company in 1942. A few years later, business took off and<br />

the Boiron Frères company rapidly developed. It followed the move<br />

from Les Halles in Paris to the Rungis market in 1969. Pierre Boiron, the<br />

founder's son, then launched a major innovation. Dessert and pastry<br />

chefs were looking for practical and consistent use of products all-year<br />

round. The CEO of Les vergers Boiron then created a fruit processing<br />

activity - heat-treated specifically to each fruit, then deep frozen - which<br />

is the best technique still today to keep the flavor, texture and freshness<br />

of the fruit intact. Professionals enthusiastically welcomed these<br />

ready-to-use fruit purees.<br />

In 2005, Alain Boiron, Pierre's son, took over at Les vergers Boiron and<br />

in 2010, all the activities moved to an ultra-modern site in Valence,<br />

Drôme. Today, there are over 50 flavors of frozen fruit purées available<br />

all of which are 100% all-natural, GMO-free and have no preservatives,<br />

additives, or thickening agents. Les vergers Boiron experts select only<br />

the finest varieties of fruit from the best regions worldwide. Then these<br />

fruits, harvested at maturity, undergo a unique blending technique<br />

which guarantees product consistency throughout the seasons.<br />

“76 years ago, my grandfather founded the company Boiron Frères SA.<br />

As the inventors of frozen fruit puree, we have continued to innovate by<br />

developing our range to support pastry chefs, cooks, and bartenders<br />

from all over the world daily with excellent fruit solutions. Aware of<br />

what a privilege it was to take charge of the company in 1990, I continue<br />

the expansion of the business with passion. Based in the heart of the<br />

orchards of Valence, France, the company now has a subsidiary in the<br />

United States, an office in Hong Kong and shines alongside great chefs<br />

in more than 80 countries. To have exceptional fruit solutions, you can<br />

count on our unique expertise in blending and processing fruits, on the<br />

producers who provide us with fruits of rare quality, on our network of<br />

distributors around the globe and the women and men of the company<br />

without whom nothing would be possible. From hors d’oeuvres to<br />

dessert and drinks our fruit solutions guide your inspiration and release<br />

your creativity. Let’s share fruit at its best together!” Alain Boiron,<br />

Owner<br />

Get inspired at www.my-vb.com<br />



The Matisse Collection specializes<br />

in fruit-focused products with an<br />

emphasis on quality and innovation.<br />

Our expanded line of glazes and jams<br />

are utilized by pastry professionals<br />

throughout North America. A selection<br />

of high quality ready-to-use products<br />

are offered for convenience and value.<br />

Matisse products support the<br />

preservation of freshness, while truly<br />

elevating the appearance of your<br />

fnished product.<br />

Exclusive to<br />





No weighing, mixing, or mess…<br />

Anyone in your kitchen can be a baker in<br />

no time.<br />

You don’t even need baking pans<br />

(thanks to our self standing paper products)…<br />

so all you have to do is scoop,<br />

bake, serve and enjoy the sweet stuff!<br />



NO<br />




EVER<br />

ur Story<br />

We search far and wide for the elements to<br />

produce the highest quality baked goods,<br />

since 1984!<br />

All of our products are clean, meaning we<br />

use no added preservatives or artificial<br />

flavors, only fresh and natural ingredients...<br />

Literally!<br />

Our exquisite muffin batters and cookie<br />

doughs are professionally made in our<br />

kitchens, baked fresh in yours -<br />

guaranteed customer satisfaction!<br />



Your customers want flavors?<br />

We got flavors, and we mean DOZENS of flavors!<br />

We have over 100 mouthwatering flavors, including<br />

traditional, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, fat free,<br />

superfoods, and seasonal options!<br />





honey & maple syrup products<br />

McLure’s Honey and Maple Products is a quality-focused supplier of pure maple syrup,<br />

maple sugar, honey, and honeycomb growing to national prominence from modest<br />

New England roots.<br />

Continuing a family tradition that dated back three generations to Civil War times,<br />

George McLure produced and packed pure maple syrup in New Hampshire and<br />

Vermont as a hobbyist. In 1976, when his son Dave came home to Littleton, NH after<br />

serving in the Air Force, they formed a partnership and expanded into a family<br />

business.<br />

As excellence in product and service became a McLure’s distinction, a new plant was<br />

built about 50 yards from the site of the original sugarhouse to support the growth. In<br />

time, e‰orts were focused on packing maple syrup, sourcing high quality syrup from<br />

the New England region and Canada. With a customer base valuing pure, natural<br />

sweeteners, honey product lines became a successful addition.<br />

In 1997, McLure’s Honey and Maple Products gained the backing of family-owned,<br />

Women’s Business Enterprise, Dutch Gold Honey, Inc, based in Lancaster County, PA.<br />

The company’s philanthropy arm, The Gamber Foundation, supports honey and maple<br />

industry research and sustainability e‰orts as well as charities in the Littleton, NH and<br />

Lancaster, PA communities.<br />

Today, McLure's is an industry leading supplier and continues to operate in Littleton,<br />

NH. They o‰er honey and maple products in branded, private label, and bulk<br />

packaging formats.<br />

46 N.LITTLETON ROAD, LITTLETON, NH 03561 • (603) 444-6246<br />



Inspiring Chefs for Over 100 Years<br />


As pure vanilla and flavor specialists, our story is more than a hundred years in the making. Since 1907,<br />

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has built a family owned and operated business committed to sustaining<br />

the plants, people and communities that supply our ingredients. A true leader in product purity and<br />

quality, we delight people around the world with nature’s finest tasting vanillas and flavors.<br />


When it comes to making pure vanilla extracts, no one does it quite like Nielsen-Massey. Each step in<br />

our proprietary, cold extraction process underscores our commitment to produce the high-quality pure<br />

vanilla our customers have come to love. Just as we ensure each batch of vanilla meets the strictest<br />

quality standards, we guarantee excellent customer care as an expert vanilla educator, and strive to<br />

not only meet your expectations but to exceed them on every level.<br />

Chefs around the world prefer our single-origin Madagascar Bourbon vanilla products due to their<br />

rich, complex flavor profile. Our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is produced from premium,<br />

hand-selected beans cultivated and responsibly sourced in Madagascar, the world’s leading supplier<br />

of the highest quality vanilla. It is the perfect all-purpose vanilla for its flavor and consistency. Our<br />

Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste is crafted from our Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla<br />

Extract, along with real bean specks to add an enticing visual flair to any dish.<br />

For inspiration and recipes visit NielsenMassey.com/ChefsWarehouse<br />


Vanilla bean paste’s thick consistency adds rich, delicious vanilla flavor<br />

to batters and sauces without thinning them out.<br />

Vanilla bean paste is a time-saver in the kitchen, providing a<br />

consistent rich gourmet appearance without the expense of scraping<br />

a vanilla bean – making it perfect for frostings, pastry creams, ice<br />

cream and crème brûlée.<br />


52<br />




With over 50 years of culinary expertise and innovation, Pidy Gourmet has been baking different<br />

types of dough from shortcrust pastry, puff pastry to choux pastry.<br />

We at Pidy provide the perfect Ready-to-fll and Ready-to-use canvas for quick and easy fllings<br />

or complex combinations for hors d’oeuvres, meals and desserts. The wide range of size, shape<br />

and dough options means that no matter your goals, your creativity is limitless.<br />

Pidy’s products are mainly made in USA with local sourcing<br />

materials, fresh butter and cage free eggs. The rest of our<br />

products is coming from our facilities based in Belgium and<br />

France. The Pidy spirit is based on passion, innovation,<br />

chefs’ satisfaction and support while respecting an<br />

environmentally sustainable approach.<br />

We are your partner on all of your culinary projects,<br />

providing the tools adapted to you to stay focused on<br />

your creations, Anytime, Anywhere…<br />

Professional or amateur chefs come to visit us on:<br />

www.pidy.com -<br />

: Pidy Gourmet <strong>Pastry</strong> Shells (Pidy Inc)

Anytime, Anywhere<br />


OUR LEGACY: 1967<br />

The history of PreGel S.p.A. is rooted in the heart of the<br />

Italian food valley, in Reggio Emilia, Italy. From the simple<br />

beginnings of a small lab setup in his father’s garage,<br />

Dr. Luciano Rabboni developed the very first PreGel<br />

flavor that would be the beginning of a legacy of products<br />

and services that continue to expand worldwide.<br />

The story of PreGel is a family story made of tradition,<br />

commitment and passion and the founder’s motto has<br />

always been “Simplicity, determination and creativity”.<br />


We are an international, family-run<br />

company specializing in the manufacturing<br />

of superior quality products and ingredients.<br />

Everyday, we work with passion and respect<br />

to meet the needs of every signle client by<br />

offering innovative and technologicallyadvanced<br />

solutions.<br />

PreGel provides solutions to support the needs of our<br />

business partners and commits to inspire them, offering<br />

attention, dedication and finding solutions for their<br />

projects.<br />


• Frozen Desserts<br />

• <strong>Pastry</strong> & Baking<br />

• Beverages<br />

• Serveware & Supplies<br />

• Education<br />

We are passionate about the dessert and food industry,<br />

and offer many ways to elevate your business, whether<br />

advanced or just beginning.<br />

Visit any of our state-of-the-art International Training<br />

Centers around the world. Here, you can receive<br />

exceptional training from our talented chefs through<br />

private demos or our many courses we offer to help you<br />

perfect your skillset. •<br />

Through extensive research and development, PreGel<br />

continues to produce high quality, innovative, ingredients<br />

and products that range from delicious Italian dessert to<br />

unique flavors that will surprise the palates of consumers.<br />


www.pregelamerica.com<br />


Creative Beginnings…<br />

Yann Machard was raised amid fne French cuisine, owing to the fact that several family members are French Chefs. While<br />

surrounded by all of this glorious food, Yann loved practicing the fne arts of painting and sculpting. It was eventually suggested<br />

by his family that pastry would be a wonderful way to express his artistic talents and desires and be in keeping with the family<br />

tradition of fne cuisine. So…by integrating a passion for food and creativity, the family’s frst (and only) <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef was “born.”<br />

In the beginning of his career as a <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef, Yann worked at and with some of the top names in French <strong>Pastry</strong> including<br />

Lenotre, considered to be the best pastry shop in France.<br />

Yann fourished in his art and decided to give America a taste of his creativity. He arrived in New York City in 1973, worked at<br />

Dumas and with Chef Maurice Bonté. He then made his way to Denver, Colorado and began a six year run at Le Petit Gourmet<br />

Catering, the premier caterer in Denver. He returned to New York as <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef for the world-famous Tavern on the Green<br />

restaurant, delighting patrons for the next four years. However, during this time,<br />

Yann saw an emerging need for quality, wholesale French <strong>Pastry</strong> as<br />

fewer and fewer culinary students were choosing pastry.<br />


Symphony <strong>Pastry</strong> Fills a Growing Industry Need…<br />

Out of a desire to assist restaurant pastry chefs in providing quality French pastry to patrons, Yann opened Symphony <strong>Pastry</strong>.<br />

He decided to inspire these chefs with the delicious foundations for their creative expression with his top-quality ingredients,<br />

combined in mouthwatering and visually pleasing ways! The chefs could then creatively “fnish” these pastries and present them<br />

to their patrons plated in extraordinary fashion.<br />

Yann loves the creativity of his trade, and loves helping <strong>Pastry</strong> Chefs by bringing them to an even higher level. You’ll fnd only<br />

the absolute best ingredients in Symphony <strong>Pastry</strong> products: imported chocolate with a minimum of 68% “cocoaliquor,” Tahitian<br />

vanilla beans, imported fruit purées, heavy cream and pure butter.<br />

Yann will also create custom pastry upon request -- if you can envision it and “taste” it, Yann will make it for you!<br />

Let Yann be your personal <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef - he’s here to serve you and foster your creative best!<br />


With simple ingredients and a traditional bread-making approach,<br />

Tribeca Oven began as an artisan bakery in New York City over 30 years ago.<br />

After relocating across the river to northern New Jersey, Tribeca Oven evolved into a modern<br />

operation that honors our artisan beginning through craftsmanship and quality. Because of our<br />

commitment to a clean label, you won’t fnd any GMOs, preservatives or additives in our bread;<br />

our unique process is responsible for creating the signature favor that our customers cherish.<br />

Today, Tribeca Oven’s great bread begins with our dedicated bakers who transform premium<br />

ingredients into the favorful, hand-crafted loaves that you experience today. From the<br />

kneading of the dough to the fnal loaf of bread, our team has committed themselves to an<br />

intimate baking approach to ensure that our precise quality standards are always achieved.<br />

Thanks to their commitment to new ideas and creativity, our bakers are the masterminds<br />

behind our new products and favor profles that push the boundaries of Tribeca Oven.<br />

Through our innovative eforts, we ofer you the best bread available while staying committed<br />

to our artisan roots.<br />

Looking to the future, Tribeca Oven is working to adopt more eco-conscious practices and<br />

operations in an efort to contribute to an environmentally-friendly tomorrow. We believe that<br />

helping the environment is crucial component of being truly clean label. From our ingredient<br />

sourcing to our operations and packaging, we are continuously seeking ways to improve so<br />

that you can take pride in enjoying an artisan product that is also good to the environment.<br />

We invite you to share in join our artisan journey flled with a vision of quality and a passion for<br />

excellence. With Tribeca Oven, you will enjoy an elevated bread experience that will keep you<br />

and your customers coming back for more.<br />



Imagining the best of chocolate since 1922<br />


Over time, Valrhona’s sourcing team and producers have established special, long-term relationships<br />

rooted in trust. It is thanks to these producers that Valrhona has been able to develop such a unique<br />

spectrum of professional expertise and intense, distinctive favor profles within our product range.<br />

To imagine the best of chocolate, we search the planet for the fnest cocoa. Our sourcing team selects the most unique cocoa<br />

varieties worldwide and forges long-term relationships with producers. This collaboration allows us to constantly enrich our<br />

understanding of cocoa, bringing innovations to each stage of the chocolate-making process so that we can promote aromatic<br />

diversity in cocoa. The future of cocoa lies in commitments to sustainability and traceability, made alongside our cocoa producer<br />

partners. We invest to improve the well-being of local cocoa producing communities, as well as in more sustainable cocoa growing<br />

techniques through agroforestry and the Cacao Forest program.<br />


Our two major ambitions are improving cocoa producers’ living<br />

conditions and protecting the environment. Long-term partnerships,<br />

traceability, community support projects, and actions to boost<br />

producer income are just some of the ways we are working towards<br />

this goal.<br />


Valrhona is committed to reaching carbon neutrality by 2025 for our<br />

whole value chain from plantation to dinner plate. To meet these<br />

goals, we work to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting our<br />

remaing footprint through reforestation projects.<br />


Gastronomy is part of Valrhona’s DNA, and the future of<br />

gastronomy is sustainable development. We believe it is our<br />

responsibility to guide professionals towards more sustainable<br />

practices as they create a cuisine that is as meaningful as it is ethical,<br />

and as innovative as it is memorable.<br />


We are committed to helping producers and customers overcome<br />

their challenges and creating a business where our people love to<br />

work. This will only become a reality if we work together in a spirit of<br />

coproduction – which is exactly how we imagine the best of chocolate.<br />




Products containing lecithin<br />

are now made with sunfower<br />

instead of soy, for a more<br />

sustainable Valrhona.<br />

o Unlike sunfower, soy is a major allergen.<br />

o Sunfower lecithin is more traceable, and<br />

there is no risk of it containing GMOs.<br />

o Sunfower seeds are available locally:<br />

Sunfowers are grown throughout Europe<br />

and the United States, and the lecithin is<br />

produced stateside or in France.<br />

o It's better for the environment than soy<br />

lecithin: Growing sunfowers for lecithin<br />

uses fewer chemicals.<br />

62<br />



MAP<br />


In <strong>2021</strong>, Valrhona is strengthening recovery efforts<br />

by supporting and fundraising for the Restaurant<br />

Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF), an advocacy<br />

and action nonproft created by and for restaurant<br />

workers. For more information, visit:<br />


IS NOW A<br />

We are proud to join a community of<br />

brands which believe in using business as<br />

a force for good, working daily to make a<br />

positive impact on the world and those in<br />

it. When you choose Valrhona, you choose<br />

a family of products that respect people<br />

and the planet we share.<br />






As a partner to chefs since 1922 and<br />

a pioneer setting the standard in our<br />

market, Valrhona’s vision is to imagine<br />

the best of chocolate with you. We believe<br />

in a collaborative approach to chocolate.<br />

We know that when we share our expe -<br />

rience and expertise, we can sustainably<br />

develop a better world of chocolate.<br />


Extra dimension for your creations<br />

Our ambition is to continually perfect our chocolate-making expertise, to push creative boundaries<br />

with a constantly growing aromatic palette, and to innovate the next revolution in the world of chocolate.<br />

From couvertures to chocolate bonbons, decorations and chocolates you can simply enjoy, our product range is designed to create<br />

new horizons for you. With Valrhona, you can express your talent with total confdence in consistent quality and favor. You can rely<br />

on a responsible partner fully committed to the environment, transparency and traceability.<br />


Created in 1922 in Tain L’Hermitage, a small village in the south of<br />

France, by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, Valrhona is a French bean to<br />

bar Chocolate maker that has remained a chef driven company. The<br />

brand of choice for the world’s most demanding pastry professionals<br />

and chocolatiers, Valrhona is committed to the creation of unique<br />

quality chocolates with complex, balanced, unique and consistent<br />

tastes. Valrhona’s tradition of creativity, expertise in taste, and a strict<br />

adherence to traditional chocolate-making methods make it the<br />

standard within in the industry.<br />

Valrhona also manufactures products for home cooks and chocolate<br />

afcionados.<br />

Very few chocolatiers have gone so far as to become chocolate growers in<br />

order to understand the process better and to have complete control<br />

over the quality of the beans, as well as guarantee the taste of their<br />

cocoa. Valrhona, however, masters every step in the chain of production<br />

and even owns two plantations in the Dominican Republic and in<br />

Madagascar. Their selectors, planters, and sourcing experts travel are<br />

working to ensure a level of quality that makes this chocolate truly<br />

exceptional.<br />

The pillars of Valrhona’s philosophy are the uncompromising<br />

commitment to quality, taste, innovation as well as community,<br />

environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.<br />




Valrhona continues to evolve and<br />

innovate, even in our packaging. The<br />

totally reimagined look of our food<br />

service and retail ranges contains<br />

easy to read, key product highlights,<br />

brand storytelling and more.<br />



FOLLOW US AND o Instagram 413k<br />

JOIN OUR GLOBAL o Facebook 191k<br />


CHOCOLATE LOVERS o Twitter 17.3k<br />

AND CHEFS o YouTube 41.7k<br />






The chocolate and pastry experts at Valrhona<br />

are thrilled to welcome chefs, chocolatiers<br />

and pastry professionals back to L’École<br />

Valrhona Brooklyn, starting June <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Enroll in immersive two- or three-day courses<br />

to gain hands-on experience, learn about<br />

current themes in pastry and push the limits<br />

of your creativity with world-renowned chef<br />

instructors. Learn more at us.valrhona.com .<br />

Valrhona is proud to be a part of the Valrhona Selection<br />

family of brands. You can expect the same premium<br />

level of quality, service and expertise as from the entire<br />

family of Valrhona Selection brands.<br />



For more information, please visit:<br />

www.vardachocolatier.com<br />


The story of Villa Dolce begins with a dream to bring<br />

Italy’s fnest gelato to the United States. Growing<br />

up in Rome, the Marcaccini brothers spent their<br />

summers on the Italian coast and sharing gelato with<br />

friends and family was one of their favorite daily rituals.<br />

Today, Villa Dolce wants to preserve that tradition by<br />

bringing your customers those same shared moments<br />

of joy and connection, through authentic, artisan<br />

gelato made with the fnest ingredients sourced from<br />

around the world.<br />

“We started Villa Dolce not only because we<br />

wanted to share a product that we loved, but<br />

because we missed the Italian way of life. In<br />

Italy, quality products and quality time together<br />

are highly valued. Italians understand the<br />

importance of truly connecting with each other.<br />

And now that I have my own family, this is<br />

more important to me than ever. I love that our<br />

products are meant to be savored and shared.”<br />

– Monte Marcaccini<br />

Villa Dolce opened their doors in 2001 servicing<br />

top tier restaurants and hotels in the Los Angeles<br />

area. Top chefs quickly embraced their extraordinary<br />

product, made fresh with natural ingredients.<br />

In 2013, Villa Dolce purchased a state-of-the-art<br />

manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, enabling<br />

expansion of their national foodservice distribution.<br />

We now craft over 40 favors of artisan gelato and<br />

sorbetto in 5 liter pans for restaurants and gelato<br />

shops, as well as a selection of favors in a single<br />

serve 3.6 oz cups for delivery or “grab-n-go” service.<br />

To request a sample pack, visit us at<br />

villadolcegelato.com or call 818.343.8400<br />





Meet Our Corporate <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef:<br />

Francois Mellet<br />

Francois Mellet was born in Lyon, France, and holds a culinary degree in pastry and chocolate. He brings more than 30 years<br />

of experience to The Chefs’ Warehouse pastry category, where he has served as Corporate <strong>Pastry</strong> Chef for over a decade. At<br />

The Chefs’ Warehouse, he is responsible for organizing product demonstrations, evaluating new products, creating recipes<br />

and videos, and implementing a Chocolate Bean to Bar lab to teach the process of making chocolate. In 2012, Chef Francois<br />

earned a Guinness world record for building the world’s largest chocolate structure: a chocolate replica of an ancient Mayan<br />

temple to celebrate the roots of cocoa that weighed 18,239 pounds.<br />

Prior to his current position with Chefs’ Warehouse, Francois worked in various capacities within the baking and pastry<br />

business. He has held a variety of culinary and sales positions at hotels, retail locations, wholesale companies, and<br />

supermarkets. His experience and creative talent have given him a unique understanding of the industry, and made him an<br />

expert in his field.<br />

Francois’s vision for The Chefs’ Warehouse’s pastry division is to differentiate the company from its competitors by offering<br />

the highest-quality ingredients, designing product demonstrations and solutions, and upholding the company’s position as an<br />

innovator in the chocolate, pastry and dessert industries.<br />


Our Specialty Locations<br />


100 East Ridge Road, Ridgefield, CT 06877<br />


240 Food Center Drive, Bronx, NY 10474<br />


200 Eagle Court, Swedesboro, NJ 08085<br />


7477 Candlewood Road, Hanover, MD 21076<br />


2801 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608<br />


619 Linn Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203<br />


2600 SW 32nd Avenue, Pembroke Park, FL 33023<br />


745 W Fairmont Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282<br />


4248 West Post Road, Las Vegas, NV 89118<br />


16633 East Gale Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91745<br />


1250 Whipple Road, Union City, CA 94587<br />


2100 Luna Road, Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75006<br />


305 Gellhorn Drive, Houston, TX 77013<br />


3940 North I-35, San Antonio, TX 78219<br />


3305 NW Guam Street, Portland, OR 97210<br />


8643 South 212th Street, Kent, WA 98031<br />


12547 129th Street, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5L 1H7<br />


6350 Northwest Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada L4V 1J7<br />


Unit 1155, 2551 #6 Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V6V 1P3<br />



“People who love to eat<br />

are always the best people.”<br />





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