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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

the future. We are

the future. We are researching the following topics in order to implement intelligent vehicle systems that are safe and easily cooperate with people and the environment. Sensing systems: Multi-sensor systems to recognize self-location, the situation of surrounding vehicles, and the condition of the environment Control systems: Autonomous navigation, Multi-robot cooperation, Shared control Safety systems: Dependable (fault diagnosis/fault-tolerant control) systems that operate safely even when the system fails partially Smart interface To achieve natural communication between humans and machines, it is effective to use the non-verbal communication that plays an important role in human-to-human communication. In view of this point, we are researching the following topics. Emotion recognition: Emotions and expressions play an important role in human communication. To achieve smooth communication between humans and machines, we are researching emotion estimation from changes that appear on the body surface such as expression, posture, and voice, and emotion estimation from physiological signals such as brain waves and pulse. Computer vision-based motion capture: Optical and magnetic motion capture is normally used to measure a person’s posture and movements, but movement and usage conditions may be limited. For our goal of implementing non-contact, non-wearable motion capture that operates in real-time, we are researching motion capture by image processing.

Hands-free manipulation: For our goal of implementing intelligent systems that operate flexibly by recognizing people’s emotions and intentions, we are researching a hands-free manipulation system that uses information of biosignals and body movements as an interface for information machines. Keywords Robotics Mechatro-information system Vehicle automation Sensing Non-verbal information processing Kansei information processing Computer vision Soft computing Sensor fusion Motion control Prof. Seiichi YAMAMOTO, Masafumi NISHIDA Spoken Language Processing Laboratory Research Topics Robust speech recognition targeting natural speech Constructing a speech dialogue system that considers mental strain Developing an optimal speech recognition system for Japanese people’s English speech Constructing foreign language learning support systems Machine translation by corpora and machine learning Communication assistance for visual and other disabilities Research Contents

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