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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

deposited simultaneously

deposited simultaneously in a short period, one can compare remanent magnetization acquired at the same time over a vast area, which allows us to detect crustal movements that took place in the Quaternary Period. Keywords Earth systems Environmental magnetism Rock magnetism

Prof. Fujio MASUDA, Yoriko YOKOO Geo-environmental Science and Technology Laboratory Research Topics Elucidating changes in the ground surface environment Elucidating climate change Analysis of mountain, river and coastal environments Element dynamics and cycling in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and soil Impact assessment of atmospheric fallout (yellow sand, acid rain and pollutants) on the ground surface environment Changes in the composition of precipitation and dustfall Elucidating ancient environments as recorded in sediments and soils of East Asia region Research Contents Earth's surface biosphere consists of various zones such as the lithosphere, pedosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, etc. Looked at closely, various elements such as minerals, living things, water and air are found to be closely related to each other to form natural cycling systems. When elements originating from human activities in the human sphere are added, cycling systems become altered or destroyed, causing regional or even global environment problems that come back to affect the human sphere. To elucidate the cycling systems that are intertwined with various types of regions, elements and phenomena, it is necessary to collect and analyze data on each element in both the natural environment zone and human activity zone. In this laboratory, we aim to understand the processes of formation and change in natural environmental systems on various time and space scales as well as understand the process of material cycling between systems. We furthermore seek to establish observation, survey and analysis methods for conservation, countermeasures and assessment while creating new environmental conservation and anti-disaster technologies. Keywords Global environmental changes Mountain, river and coastal environments Stratigraphy Sedimentology Paleoclimatology Biogeochemistry Soil inorganic chemistry Material cycling Environmental geology

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