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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Waveform analysis and

Waveform analysis and diagnostic analysis in electric instruments 1. Transfer Function Method for Power Transformer Analysis The transfer function method, based on convolution and deconvolution operations by FFTs is under development in the application of power transformer and AC motor design and testing . 2. Digital Signal Processing of High-Voltage Measuring Systems Computer software which provides automatic and objective quantification of lightning impulses is also under development. Operation analysis and control methods for power electronic circuits 1. Operation Mode Analysis of Power Converters As converter circuits become more complex (adding clamp circuits, for example), it becomes necessary to use computer-aided numerical methods to analyze their operation modes. We are developing programs that automatically analyze operation modes. 2. Control of Inverters and Converters Stable and fast converter control methods such as optimal control and sliding-mode control are being developed for efficient power conversion. Drive methods for rotating electric machines 1. Efficient Drive of AC motor We research high-efficient drive methods for electric motors and generators. Optimum regenerative torque to convert rotational energy into electrical power is under study when reducing rotation speed. 2. Analysis and Control of Vibration Caused between Motor and Resonant Mechanical rotor The vibration is caused in the situation that the mechanical resonant frequency is less than the motor's maximum operating

frequency or the fluctuation's frequency of the load. We analyze the problem and propose appropriate control methods both by simulation and experiment. Slip control in electric vehicles This research gives an analytical result of the rapid variation of slips between wheels and road surfaces, and proposes a novel Traction Control System(TCS) of EVs to suppress the rapid variation of slips. Keywords Computer-aided circuit analysis methods Simulation algorithms and methods of power electronic systems Digital processing methods of high-voltage measuring system High-efficiency control methods of power electronic systems Vibration suppression methods of motor drive system Efficient motor drive methods

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