Menzi Muck A61

4.2 Overview - Operator’s cab

1 Operator’s seat

2 Multi­function joystick ­ left

3 Multi­function joystick ­ right

4 Foot pedal for telescope

5 Foot pedal for winch

6 Foot pedal for driving

7 Foot pedal for auxiliary connection

line (large)

8 Ashtray

9 Console (right)

10 Warning buzzer

11 Heating nozzles

12 Display

13 Instrument panel

14 Instrument panel (right)

15 Fuse box cover

16 Fuse box

17 Document compartment

18 Storage compartment

19 Cab security lock

4.3 Operator’s seat

The comfortable operator’s seat makes possible a fatigue­free

operation of the machine. Several adjustment possibilities ensures

an optimal adaptation to the operator. For superior ergononomics the

control levers are integrated into the seat. The left control lever can be

folded back in order to make boarding and disembarking from cabin


By folding back the left control lever the hydraulic system of

the hydraulic control circuit is switched off automatically. As a

result, unintentional movements of the machine are prevented.

1.3.1 Operator’s seat Klepp

1 Adjusting weight to driver. Adjustment range 50 ­ 120 kg

2 Handwheel for height adjustment.

3 Longitudinal adjustment of upper seat section

4 Longitudinal adjustment of lower seat section

6 Tilt and height adjustment of armrest

7 Tilt adjustment of backrest

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