6.4 Heating/Air conditioning

The Menzi Muck mobile allterrain excavator is fitted with a manual heater and can be supplied with an

air conditioning system as an option. The system is controlled via the switches and pushbuttons on the

instrument panel. The built­in system is a combined heating and air conditioning system. In order to

optimise climate conditions inside the driver’s cab, heating or cooling can be selected on the basis of

the ambient temperature. In order that the system is always able to reach the required temperature, the

following maintenance operations must be carried out. The suggested maintenance intervals are heavily

dependent on the working environment. We can therefore only provide suggestions for a machine

working under average load conditions and the system components to be maintained.

6.5.1 Air vents

The air circulating in the driver’s cab can be controlled using the built­in air vents. The air flowing out

of the heating/air conditioning system can be directed as required by turning or opening/closing the

individual vents.

1 Front air vent for demisting/defrosting the windscreen

2 Footwell air vent

3 Right­hand air vent

4 Rear air vent

6.4.2 Control

The controls for the heating and air conditioning system are installed on the instrument panel. Press the

controls numbered in the diagram to adapt the settings of the heating and air conditioning system to

meet your requirements.

18 Air conditioning on/off switch

19 Ventilation on/off switch

9 Step switch for ventilation

10 Heating valve control

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