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Final NB 2016-2017 Turley

Create groups for these

Create groups for these Scientist and explain your groupings (use the information you got from your research) Radioactivity Antoine Henri Becquerel Marie and Pierre Curie -In this category, I listed scientist who helped discover radioactivity within the atom. Periodic table Glenn Seaborg Dmitri Mendeleev John Dalton J.W. Dobereiner -Within this category includes some of the who made or helped contribute to the structure and design of periodic table's. Quantum Theory Niels Bohr Louis de Barogilie -In this category I listed all of the scientist who helped further advance Quantum theory and its principles. Atomic theory John Dalton Robert Millikan Democritus Hantaro Nagaoka Eugene Goldstein James Chadwick J.J. Thomson Erwin Shrodinger Ernest Rutherford -Under this category I listed all scientist that made contribution's to the atomic theory, whether it wasd parts of the amot or its structure. 42

Research the Scientist and summarize their contributions to the Atomic Theory Antoine Henri Becquerel Niels Bohr Louis de Barogilie Glenn Seaborg Glenn Seaborg is mostly know for his discovery of element plutonium and all transuranium elements through element 102. I how other heavy elements fit into the periodic table and how to struvture it. Hantaro Nagaoka Hantaro Naogoka helped transform the model of the atom. His designed showed the electrons orbiting around the postively of around it. Democritus He created the first model of the atomic theory. His model was just a solid sphere and was the base of all models. Marie and Pierre Curie They helped discover radium and polnium. In addition , they helped discover the radiation of all radioactive compounds. Eugene Goldstein He discovered that their is another ray traveling in opposite directions of electrons and cathode rays. Sometimes hee is cred protons. Dmitri Mendeleev He predicted the properties and existence of non known elements. Creaed the periodic table of elements. J.J. Thomson Discovered cathode rays were negatively charged. In addition he discovered the electrobn while experimenting with crooks. James Chadwick James Chadwick helped discover that the nucleus is postively charged with protons. He also disovered protons and the fact outside of the nucleus. Erwin Shrodinger Discovered the four orbitals S,F,P, D. Also defined that electrons are constantly moving in orbits. John Dalton Discovered that all matter is made up of matter and is undestructable. He also discovered all atoms in an element are identica Lothar Meyer Lothar Meyer organized elements by atomic weight. He eventyualyy created an expanded table of elements based in order Robert Millikan He discovered the unit charge of an electron. It helped caculate the mass of electrons and postively charged matter. J.W. Dobereiner He help-ed group elements in a triad. Elements grouped in triads were organized by simmiliar chemical properties. He creat Ernest Rutherford Was the first to create a nuclear model of that atom after experimenting with a sheet of gold and a laser. In addition he disco charged atoms. 43

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