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Feasting on a

Flavourful Soup

This light and lovely dish holds much depth

in its creamy appearance. A well-loved dish,

Tom Kha Gai is treasured for its smoothness

and lively flavours.

Words Sarita Urupongsa

Tom Kha Gai or Chicken Coconut

Soup is another local favourite

among Thais and foreigners alike

– a rich soup with coconut milk

that’s infused with the aromatic

essences of galangal, lemongrass,

and kaffir lime leaves.

Best served with steamed

rice, one bowl may never be

enough as the soup comes with

the perfect combination of sour,

salty, and sweet flavours without

the usually bold spicy profile of

Thai dishes that can surprise

the palate. Coconut milk, its

quintessential ingredient, plays

a big part in creating the richer

texture of the creamy white soup.

Tom Kha Gai will never be

complete without authentic Thai

herbs that spices up its flavour

profile to make the creamy soup

stand out. The combination of

key ingredients like galangal,

lemongrass, kaffir lime and, shallots

plays a big part in bringing out the

taste of Tom Kha Gai. Tom Kha

Gai’s mild yet complex broth is also

an ideal base for customisation of

preferred chicken cuts and types of

mushrooms. Now one of the most

asked for dish in Thai restaurants,

some places may modify the

Photos Dolnapa Ram-Indra

recipe by changing from chicken to

shrimp, striped snakefish, or even

just mushrooms.

When talking about Bangkok’s

most-loved restaurants, the name

of Krua Apsorn on Sukhumvit 26

in Bangkok fondly comes up. It’s

known to locals for almost 40

years and legendary for their

classic Thai menus. From its first

branch on Samsen Road close to

Tha Wasukri pier, the restaurant

now operates more than 10

branches nationwide. The place is

best recognised for its homemade

authentic Thai dishes with recipes

that cater to everyone’s palate.

Apart from Krua Apsorn’s signature

recipes that balances tastiness

and rich flavours, the restaurant

uses fresh ingredients procured

by a dedicated team with visits

to several markets to ensure only

quality ones in Krua Apsorn’s

dishes; along with its commitment

not to add monosodium glutamate

and other additives. Krua Apsorn’s

most well-known dishes include

Tom Kha Gai with banana blossom

and free-range chicken cuts, and

other menu items like Chicken

Green Curry and Sour Curry with

climbing wattles and shrimp.


• 200g chicken breasts, cut into bite size

• 50g water

• 150g thick coconut milk

• ½ cup oyster mushrooms or any

mushroom type of one’s choice

• 5 slices young galangal

• 5 pieces of lemongrass, sliced

• 3 shallots, cut and diced

• 3 kaffir lime leaves, torn

• 2 dill leaves

• 4 cherry tomatoes

• 3 bird’s eye chillies, slightly ground

• Coriander and dried chillies for garnish


• 2 tbsp fresh lime juice

• 1½ tbsp fish sauce

• 1½ tbsp sugar

A Modern Take on

Tom Kha Gai



This fusion restaurant is known for its

meticulous take on Thai cuisine with a creative

and interesting twist. Modern in appearance

and ingredients, its dishes are rich in taste and

cooked with authentic Thai pastes. Quaint

Bangkok’s Tom Kha Gai is praised by diners for

its deliberate choice of a whole chicken leg, as

this part is tender with the right amount of fat.

Here, the chicken is sprinkled with sea salt on

both sides, and the leg is then seared until it

becomes crispy and is later stewed in chicken

stock with herbs for quite some time, at 90

minutes. The tender and juicy chicken, with

its full herbal aroma, is then roasted further to

finish and served atop the soup.

23 Sukhumvit 61, +66 (0) 2714 1998,

+66 (0) 94 495 6949

Cooking Instructions

Boil water and add lemongrass, kaffir lime,

and shallots before adding chicken meat

and leaving all to cook. Lemongrass, kaffir

lime, and shallots will reduce the smell of

fresh chicken meat.

Pour finished stock into a new saucepan.

Add the thick coconut milk and simmer. Be

careful with the heat: if it’s too hot, the oil from

the coconut milk will separate and float up, and

be unappetising. When the water is boiling,

add all the ingredients in (except the seasoning)

and simmer in medium heat.

Stir all the ingredients, including remaining

ones together, and wait until the vegetables

change in colour, around 5-7 minutes. Turn

the stove off immediately.

Season with lime juice, fish sauce, and

sugar. Serve the soup in a bowl and garnish

it with coriander and dried chillies.


For delicious Tom Kha Gai, select young galangal for better flavour. Older and hard ones

will only bring out the spiciness and won’t balance the taste of the soup.



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