Fah Thai Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

“FAH THAI” is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.

“FAH THAI” is the in-flight magazine of Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited and is edited and published by MPMI Group Ltd.


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Cool cafés numbering in the many<br />

can define today’s Phnom Penh.<br />

Appealing restaurants run by some<br />

of the best chefs in the world are<br />

equally represented. Signs of “hipping it<br />

up” are everywhere. Diaspora Cambodians<br />

are moving back into town, creating their<br />

own specialised trendy microcosm while<br />

expatriates loving it here settle down,<br />

creating new leading trends. Phnom Penh<br />

remains on the move, but its finest moments<br />

point to the steady strength and charm of<br />

the local Cambodian people that make this<br />

city uniquely special.<br />

FRIDAY<br />


It is best to get settled into the city<br />

with good, hearty food. Start your<br />

trip with lunch at Phnom Penh’s<br />

historic Chinese House, a building<br />

that’s now a very chic bistro, bar<br />

and restaurant. The epitome of<br />

Phnom Penh’s glorious past,<br />

Chinese House is part of the city’s<br />

history when the first concrete<br />

houses were built back during the<br />

1800s for Chinese traders. Now<br />

owned by the granddaughter of<br />

the original owner, the Chinese<br />

House has magnificent details only<br />

a charmed age can confer: faded<br />

French villa-style arched facades,<br />

a traditional Chinese-tiled roof,<br />

original patchwork and hand-hewn<br />

hardwood floor. restaurantphnompenh.com<br />

Clockwise from Top<br />

Phnom Penh<br />

converts a colonial<br />

mansion into an<br />

uber-trendy and<br />

chic restaurant;<br />

Closer encounters<br />

with Khmer<br />

architecture can<br />

be had by signing<br />

up with a tour<br />

outfit that provides<br />

comprehensive city<br />

walkabouts; Visitors<br />

can learn more<br />

about Cambodian<br />

history at the<br />

Bophana Center;<br />

Phnom Penh now<br />

offers a variety<br />

of sophisticated<br />

cuisines.<br />


Phnom Penh was on the verge<br />

of splendid urbanisation right<br />

after Cambodia’s independence<br />

back in 1953. A sudden burst then<br />

of ‘New Khmer Architecture’ was a<br />

movement of inspired Cambodian<br />

architects led by the most prolific<br />

and avant-garde Vann Molyvann,<br />

who recently passed, whose projects<br />

gained support from the late King<br />

Norodom Sihanouk. Some of those<br />

glorious buildings still thankfully stand,<br />

and tours range from architecture,<br />

cultural walking or cycling tours that’s<br />

organised by Khmer Architecture<br />

Tours. Downloads of their free<br />

maps are available to do your own<br />

sightseeing. ka-tours.org<br />

Equally and incredibly valuable<br />

are the audio-visual historical<br />

archives at the Bophana Center.<br />

As any local would tell you, most<br />

of Cambodian history was lost and<br />

only just orally recorded. Bophana<br />

Center, named after a Khmer Rouge<br />

victim, was founded in late 2006 by<br />

Rithy Panh – an Oscar-nominated<br />

Cambodian auteur whose passion<br />

for filmmaking is deeply intertwined<br />

with his country’s untold stories.<br />

The place is open to the public<br />

and has regular arts and culture<br />

programmes. bophana.org<br />



Be a connoisseur of various libations<br />

and take your drinks at the superlative<br />

Elephant Bar. Try to spot the hidden<br />

monkey in the ceiling murals while<br />

sipping their famous ‘Femme Fatale’<br />

cocktail, first made for Jacqueline<br />

Kennedy in 1967. If you’re feeling<br />

even bolder, munch on local protein.<br />

Make these a Phnom Penh rite of<br />

passage for real street food: crispy<br />

fried crickets, bloody cockles and<br />

dried beef sausages. raffles.com/<br />

phnom-penh/dining/elephant-bar<br />

Omakase-inspired with a series<br />

of tasting menus, Le Broken Plate can<br />

easily be the hottest table in town.<br />

Chef owner Narith Plong, who’s<br />

Cambodian with restaurant stints in<br />

Canada, creates an inventive cuisine<br />

inspired by fresh local produce and<br />

flavours of the hometown. Choose<br />

from USD$30, $40 or $50 per person<br />

for multi-course meals. Reservation<br />

is essential.<br />

facebook.com/lebrokenplate<br />

Top Left<br />

It may be full of history but modern<br />

dining has made its foray with welldesigned<br />

space.<br />

Top Right<br />

A modern and trendy restaurant design<br />

puts Phnom Penh on par with other<br />

world-class cities and their dining<br />

concepts.<br />

Bottom Left<br />

The dining scene in in this rapidlychanging<br />

city introduces new looks<br />

and new dishes with a menu of fusion<br />

Asian food.<br />

Bottom Right<br />

Japanese-influenced dishes make this<br />

restaurant a destination in Phnom<br />

Penh and one of the many fine dining<br />

establishments.<br />

36<br />


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