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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Yet we remained patient.

Yet we remained patient. Mrs. Ah Sam proceeded with the prize giving and with each announcement mentioning Mangere College. There was strong competition this year but we had faith that we were able to show everyone who doubted us, everyone who supported us from the start and along the way that we could do it once again. “O le a’oga ua na maua le tulaga muamua a a’oga tu’ufa’atasi o teine ma tama...Mangere College.” In addition, Mangere College was the host for the Samoan Stage and on the hot sunny days leading up to our performance day we were exposed to beautiful representations through speeches and performances by all schools. The senior students were involved in all preparations backstage and witnessed the nerves felt by other schools. In hindsight, this somehow made us feel at ease seeing how common it was for all students to have the feeling of nervousness before a performance. Hours in the sun at Polyfest were no doubt very draining however, we still returned to our school auditorium to continue practising as every minute was crucial. And finally, Saturday the 18th of March arrived. The group’s nerves grew as the time to perform approached. We comforted, encouraged and reminded each other of how long and arduous the journey was. Before we were due on stage, we changed and gathered in prayer, listened to last words of support from ex-students, parents and tutors, and then we headed out towards the ramp. As we lined up and prepared to express our culture, our bodies glistening from the baby oil, goosebumps evident on our skin, we made our entrance and were cheered on by the crowd. As the last group to perform for the 2017 competition, there were thousands watching. “There is no guarantee that we will win. When you go on that stage and perform, I want you to come off that stage knowing that you had given it your best. That is all I ask.” I took Mr. Fesulua’i’s words seriously and they played over in my head during our performance. The feeling of being surrounded by these people that I call family, synchronizing our movements and harmonising our voices, was so invigorating. We performed our hearts out and left the stage with no regrets. We all broke off into little groups to eat before leaders were called backstage for prize giving. As we waited backstage, our hearts sunk as thoughts of our hard work not being enough, crept in. Tears of joy and cheers of support, erupted from the crowd. It was so hard to keep our composure while walking along the stage to receive the trophies we had most certainly earned. On behalf of all the members of the Samoan group, we would like to thank all of those who supported us along our journey, whether it may have been with dances, singing, emotional support or just simply, being there for us. We would like to say thank you to Mr. Fesulua’i and Mrs. Smith for giving up their precious time and for everything that they have done for our group. Thank you to the most gifted tutors ever – Musuiaiga Neil Tapu, Iulia Ioane, Melania Agaimalo, Mema Futi, Clarence Soti, Numia To’omata, and Mike Pio Sanelivi. A special mention to Uaea Lamese, Sharon Filiga along with other past students for their support also. We would not have been able to even come close if it wasn't for your knowledge, support, and guidance. stage Results Ulufale/ Entrance Uniform Mauluulu/ Action Song Sāsā/ Action Dance Pese o le Aso/ Group Song Taualuga/ Final Dance Ulufafo/ Exit Taupou Fuataimi 2nd Place 3rd Place Equal 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 3rd Place 1st Place 1st Place Speech Competition Year 9 Adyhana Urika Filifilia 1st Place Year 10 Herilla Salu 3rd Place Year 11 Julia Luamanu Kilipati 1st Place Year 12 Jane Malauulu 3rd Place Year 13 Maria Moeai’a Toleafoa 4th Place Impromptu Tua Levao 3rd Place Overall Winners for the Samoan Stage 2017Mangere College. 28 Mangere College - 2017

Tongan Group The Mangere College Tongan group consisted of 70 engaged students this year, many of whom had been part of the group last year. This was a bonus for the group in reconnecting and developing a more passionate approach to the traditional dances. The group had another successful year despite not gaining first place and the group were still happy they were placed. For the Ma’ulu’ulu (combined sitting performance) they were placed third and for the Soke (combined stick performance) they placed second. Congratulations to first place winner for the Year 10 Speeches Elisapeti Filimoehala The 2017 Mangere College Tongan Group male leaders were student leader Haamonga Tu’ipulotu(13SA) and his assistant Tonga Tukuafu (13AU). The female leaders were 2017 MC Head Girl Akanesi Funaki (13SA) and her assistant Meleseini Ahio Palenapa (13SA) who worked well together to encourage and reinforce our Mangere College values of respect and responsibility. All leaders demonstrated leadership skills and the MC WAY. Fakamalo aupito goes to the 2017 Tongan group Teacher-in-Charge Mr V Bloomfield and the Tongan language teacher Ms F Bloomfield for attending most Tongan group practices and the support of Mr V. Tupou, Ms F. McIntosh and Ms A. Tatafu. We were honoured and grateful to work again with the dynamic duo team Punake (Tutors) of Mr Paane Alofi and Vili as well as their families who assisted in drumming and teaching the dances. Both Punake have developed positive relationships with the students and their parents, as well as inviting the son of the late Tongan Punake Peni Tutuila-Siola’a who helped communicate both in Tongan and English. This added so much value to the students’ understanding of the rich lyrics and traditional performances.The MC Tongan group would like to thank all our families and supporters for another successful year. ‘Ofa atu mo e lotu MANGERE COLLEGE TONGAN GROUP 2017 Parents and Teachers Association stage Results Soke Ma'ulu'ulu 2nd Place 3rd Place Speech Competition Year 10 Ilisapeti Filimoehala 1st Place Mangere College - 2017 29

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