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Mangere College Magazine 2017

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ESOL Department These articles are written by students from the ESOL Department. ESOL stands for English as a Second Language and is also known as EAL (English as an Additional Language). These students are on a journey with their English - beginning from little or no English at all. refugee day During Term 2, Mangere College refugee students had a performance on Refugee Day at Mt Eden Memorial Hall. We went in two vans. Our teachers Ms Rosalie and Ms Hay drove us. We went into the hall and had a special place to sit. We watched other schools’ performances. Straight after lunch, all of us went to get changed for our performance. I was so nervous because I had never acted in front of a large crowd of students. Our story was about a single mother with six children, four girls, and two boys. In the performance, I was the older child in my family and was the main character. We ended up doing our performance really well. - Haris Ahmed refugee dinner Younis Ahmed Abdallah reflects on his ‘homeland’ experience at the Refugee Dinner. We had a great experience on the 31st of August at Mangere College in the staffroom. There were many families, friends, teachers and former graduate students from Mangere College. We had inspiring speeches from representatives from AUT, MIT, and Auckland University to help us prepare for our next pathways. It was a great way to meet people. It felt like a whole family who hadn’t seen each other in many years decided to have a dinner. It was amazing. I loved the food that the different families provided. I met many new people, talked to many families and made new friends. I tried different types of food with a range of flavours and different colours. I felt so safe being around everyone there, because I felt like I was back home in Africa again. Even though I didn’t know some of the people I met, it still felt like they were all my family. You may understand one day when you experience the happiness that I experienced on this day. - Younis Ahmed Abdallah 46 Mangere College - 2017

Christmas by Daniel Esera Crackers with a loud noise Having to go to church Remember my parents I wish for a laptop Sausages for the barbeque To the beach we go Making umu for dinner A watch for my sister Special day for the Family a festival by Sefo Felauai Christmas is a funny day High above the sky Right or wrong I want to go to KFC buy the food Sin no more Tall and short Merry Christmas and Happy New Year A special meal called Christmas dinner is eaten on Christmas Day Sing a song happy eid by Madina Salam Khel esol poems A festival I went to Happy Eid A good time with family Proud of each other Prepare food for families like salads, rice, meat, chicken, chips, and kebab Young girls and boys celebrating Eid with their friends and families. Eid is a special day for every Muslim person around the world I love celebrating Eid because it is a unique day for Muslims Day of Eid is good for kids because they can wear good clothes and they can eat delicious food and sweets by Siaosi Pohahau Christmas is my favourite holiday. On the morning of December 24 I buy a gift for my family. Later, I watch the baby Jesus Parade and have something to eat. Then I wrap the gifts although sometimes I use present bags. Then we go to my Grandma's house where all my relatives are waiting. We eat a lot of snacks and exchange gifts. I love this holiday because I share great moments with my family. Mangere College - 2017 47

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