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Mangere College Magazine 2017

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departments 38 Mangere College - 2017

Art Department The cultural highlight of the year for the Art Department was the design and painting of the backdrop for the Samoan stage for the 2017 Polyfest. Due to the massive size requirement, 22m x 1.8m across the stage, many students were required to complete this task. A mixture of all year levels from Year 10 to 13 chose to be involved and the entire project took six weeks to complete. Even though the artwork was created in three equal sections, the actual painting dominated both art rooms, enabling all art students to witness the entire making process from sketching into the final highlights. After it was installed at the festival by support staff it was clear that the cross-level collaboration had been successful and that a wonderful cultural artwork had been created by the students at Mangere College. Special thanks to Ms Ah Sam for making the opportunity available. - Mike Christo Mangere College - 2017 39

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