IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home


IC 1 Konfigurator merten@home

IC1 configurator merten@home.

Configuring a Network Connection

To enable you to transfer data from the IC 1 and to download data from the IC 1, a network connection

must exist between the IC 1 Internet Controller and a computer. The IC 1 Internet Controller has a builtin

Ethernet interface as well as a telephone interface. Both interfaces are so-called communication interfaces

that enable you to access the IC 1.

Define the required settings for a connection to the IC 1 in the "Device data" section.

If you use an ancillary system to establish the connection, enter the MSN number of the telephone line

to which the IC 1 is connected in the "Telephone number" field. The device is registered in the system

as a telephone and not as a data terminal.

If you use a network connection, enter (pre-set address of the IC1) in the "IP address"


In the "Net mask" field, enter (or a different net mask for which the defined IP address

is valid within the Intranet) and in the "Standard gateway" field, enter


These settings must be defined before you use the "Upload from IC1", "Download from IC1" or "Reset

IC1" function or before you set the time. This information is used to connect to the IC 1 Internet Controller.


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