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Conference contributions

05.07.2017 21st ATRS World Conference | Antwerp

Impact of Airline Business Models, Market Segments, and Geographical Regions on Aircraft Cabin Configurations

Autoren/authors: O. Oguntona, K. Ploetner, M. Urban, R. Rothfeld, M. Hornung

05.07.2017 21st ATRS World Conference | Antwerp

Potential of Aircraft On-Demand Sharing Model for Large Commercial Aircraft

Autoren/authors: K. Ploetner, M. Urban, M. Hornung

03.07.2017 G.A.R.S. 14th Aviation Student Research Workshop | Amsterdam

Exploring factors influencing European passenger demand for air transport using a causal loop diagram

Autoren/authors: U. Kluge, A. Paul

21.06.2017 2017 ITEA Annual Conference and School on Transportation Economics | Barcelona

Estimating the effects of competition in the hinterland of European primary airports

Autoren/authors: A. Paul, B. Mantin

05.06.2017 AIAA AVIATION 2017 | Denver

Improving the Operational Ground Performance of Regional Aircraft

Autoren/authors: M. Schmidt, P. Heinemann

05.06.2017 AIAA AVIATION 2017 | Denver

Technological and Operational Scenarios on Aircraft Fleet Level towards ATAG and IATA 2050 Emission Targets

Autoren/authors: K. Ploetner, R. Rothfeld, M. Urban, M. Hornung, G. Tay, O. Oguntona

09.01.2017 AIAA SciTech Forum | Grapevine

Advanced Tube-and-Wing Aircraft for Year 2050 Timeframe

Autoren/authors: P. Heinemann, P. Panagiotou, P. Vratny, S. Kaiser, M. Hornung, K. Yakinthos

09.01.2017 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting | Grapevine

Boarding and Turnaround Process Assessment of Single- and Twin-Aisle Aircraft

Autoren/authors: M. Schmidt, P. Heinemann, M. Hornung

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