line and the great breath--the the rock-drug counterculture, can distinction has to be argued for.

breath taken in and the word spo- be won over to the kind of music People don't seem to understand

ken. They do know sermon, at its you are performing? that when you are presenting a

best, or what the Italians call "la JOAN MOYNAGH: Indubitably! case forcefully, you're not necespredica,"

and they know what it They have no idea how full of life sarily downing someone else--

is to think in paragraphs, which I it is! The way the young person you're actually inviting him by

find has been stolen from my stu- knows energy (and indeed this is the perspicacity of your investigadents.

People I am singing for here usually true of his father and tion and the clarity of your preswho

are my age or older do think mother as well) is the physical, entation to involve himself in conin

paragraphs, and their concen- The body goes out, either with a versation with you. But it's in this

tration span is probably better tennis racket at the end of the one respect that I find people shying in

than many who are in high places, appendage or the two appendages the use of their own energies.

grabbing a golf stick--all of which I think frankly that we musi-

CAMPAIGNER: What kind of pro- is very beautiful kept in place, kept cians are the ones who are going

grams have you done ? in proportion to the way one uses to do the greatest work with Mr.

JOAN MOYNAGH: Oh, exciting the entirety of one's energies. LaRouche and of course the enones!

Charming things. We But this masterful adult use of lightened businessmen and enstarted

off with a piece of the energy, which is particularly the lightened farmers and enlightened

Magnificat of Bach, and we have singer's and then all of the other women. Again I am speaking of

done, oh, maybe two or three instrumentalists', is pouring out of that harmony of which Mr. Laparts

of that great prayer, and we the intellect. This conception of Rouche speaks, But I do believe

have done the Laudamus from the thought and sound as, primarily, that the average American will be

Mass of Mozart. We are doing energy is unknown to most peo- quite surprised to find that the

some arias from (Handel's) Mes- ple a brand new concept, artist has so much to say to him in

siah, and my accompanist and I are So I believe that the artist has casual conversation he doesn't

doing another lovely Mozart piece a great deal to say to the American have to go to school for six months

with a clarinetist. Otherwise, we population in general. And that in to learn our vocabulary. We will

went through half the book of the classic sense of making an ar- speak to him and he will under-

Mozart songs last night at some- gument: to make something clear stand us immediately--all that it

one's private home for twenty- to somebody, not to have a fight, requires is the opportunity to do

five guests. When I asked "Have I am sorry to say that even this so, which is mainly why I am here.

we had enough, wouldn't you like

to go the table and eat?" someone

said, "Why, if you're not

tired?"--which was lovely.

I think that the greatest thing

about these performances is that

they prove that there is no lack of

spirit in this country, but truth is

lying at the bottom of people's

hearts, and when someone speaks

the truth there is plenty of life to

them. We saw this kind of spirit

also when Pope John Paul visited

this country. There was a great

spirit during the performance last

night. There were a lot of laughs,

a lot of lovely moments together.

CAMPAIGNER:From your experience

in New Hampshire, do you

think that today's young people, PresidentialcandidateLyndon H. LaRouche congratulatessopranoJoan Moynagh

who are currently so enmired in following a benefit recital.

CAMPAIGNER/June 1980 63

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