for the grand gesture. Another tie

linking him to his enemies, even

though he drew different conclusions

from it, was his distaste for

the Jews." About the Authors

Throughout the rest of the

essay, in describing Schonerer Helga Zepp LaRouche, author of "The Secret Knowledgeof

and Lueger as men with "aristo- Friedrich Schiller," is an Executive Committee member of the Internacratic

pretensions," as "pseudo- tional Caucus of Labor Committees. Mrs. Zepp LaRouche, a citizen of

aristocrats," as "neo-fascist theor- West Germany, is chairmanof the European Labor Party. In 1976, she

ists" who wanted to link "aristocran

asthe ELP'S candidatefor West German Chancellor,and headedher

racy and people," Schorske is de- party's slate of candidates in the first electionsfor the European

scribing the oligarchicalprinciple in Parliament lastyear. In that campaign,Mrs. Zepp LaRouche createda

action, as he does in his chapters profound impression through her television appearancesin support of

on artistic perversions of Vienna. nuclearpower and the EuropeanMonetary System.

But this is implicit; the question of

Mrs. Zepp LaRouche is currentlypreparing a study of the life and

oligarchical sponsorship of such work of CardinalNicholasof Cusa. She is the wife of U.S. Democratic

phenomena is either mystified or presidentialcandidateLyndon H. LaRouche, and actively campaignson

omitted. In that sense, Schorske's his behalf.

book, ultimately, is a fraud. This

explains why Fin-de-Sidcle Vienna

received such enormous play in Warren Hamerman, author of "America's Unpaid Debt to the

academic and literary circles, cul- EuropeanRepublicans," is a memberof the Executive Committee of the

minating in a front-page article in InternationalCaucus of Labor Committees, and is National Campaign

the New York Times Book Review, Director of the presidential campaign of Lyndon LaRouche. Mr.

penned by none other than leading Hamerman's studiesfirst appearedin The Campaigner in 1975 with

British Intelligence operative the publicationof his article,"The Self-Development of the Biosphere,"

Hugh Trevor-Roper, himself one a groundbreakingtreatment of the history and theory of biology. He is

of the leading profilers of political the author of "The Overlooked Importanceof Pasteur," andfrequently

and social movements throughout contributesarticlesto The Campaigner on musicand history.


--Mark Burdman

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