by Jeremy Rifkin

with Ted Howard



303 pages



Putting Limits On God

An Americanized version of Iran's only difference is that Islamic fun-

Islamic fundamentalism is being damentalism is a reaction against

assiduously cultivated in the the introductionof science and mod-

United States itself--by all ac- ernization, while the emerging

counts successfully. As the London American fundamentalism is a re-

Economist gleefully observes in an sponse to the end of science." (era-

April 5 cover story, the "United phasis added ed.)

States ... is now experiencing a The Emerging Order presents

vigorous revival of religious be- the theological arguments and exlief,

of a rather special kind .... amines the growth and influence

This new American phenomenon of the group which Rifkin seeks to

... [has] something in common mold into the shock-troops and

with the present trend in the Mos- "militant students" of American

lem world" which could lead to Khomeinism--the "charismatic"

the "totalitarianism of the spirit and e_angelical fundamentalist

which produced the mass-suicide Christian movement. Rifkin's arofJonestown"

and could result in gument is both acute and vicious:

a "spectacular" reorientation in in an era when collapse is imposed

American thinking away from on the world economy, the dislo-

"materialism." cated population must be induced

The most explicit statement of to accept a fervent, "religious"

how this is being done is presented enthusiasm for the apocalyptic,

in The Emerging Order: God in the coming end of science--but this in

Age of Scarcity. Its principal author turn means they must also accept

is Jeremy Rifkin, who, as Fellow the end of God.

of the terrorism-linked Institute Writes Rifkin: "The age of

for Policy Studies, collaborator of expansion, with its faith in unlimthe

Club of Rome, founder of the ited economic growth and the

anti-Constitution Peoples Bicen- governing truths of science and

tennial Commission, and director technology is about to give way

of the spin-off Peoples Business to a new age of scarcity and eco-

Commission, would seem a most nomic contraction .... At the

unlikely convert to Christian fun- same time, we are in the early

damentalism. In a recent inter- morning hours of a secondProtesview,

Rifkin explained his new- tant reformation... [P]opulation

found gift of grace: "There is a size must be stabilized.., emphaprocess

developing here similar to sis placed on decentralized, selfwhat

Khomeini did in Iran. The sufficient communities ... [and]

72 June 1980 / CAMPAIGNER

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