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CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

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Queued Request Timeout

This is the maximum number of seconds that a request can remain in a queue waiting for an available connection

to the appropriate Caché system. The minimum allowable value is 5 seconds.

No Activity Timeout

This parameter is relevant to stateless connections only. The parameter indicates the maximum amount of time

(in seconds) that a stateless connection remains open in an idle state before closing. If this timeout is exceeded,

the session automatically closes. This facility prevents stateless sessions accumulating on your Caché server,

particularly after periods of high activity where a large number of connections were opened to cope with the

increased workload. If a value is not specified, stateless connections remain open until they are manually closed.

Apply to all Connections

Applies the No Activity Timeout option to all connections (including those making up the minimal connection

pool). If this option is not checked, the Gateway does not apply the No Activity Timeout to the minimal connection

pool (as defined by the Minimum Server Connectionsparameter). If this option is checked the Gateway applies the

timeout to all connections in the pool. This option is used by installations that have a very low level of CSP usage

and, as a result, have a preference for all CSP processes to time out.

Event Log Level

Event Log File

Controls what information is written to the Event Log. See the “Event Logging Parameters” section for details.

Specifies a location for the Event Log file (CSP.log). If not specified, it is written to the directory hosting the

Gateway installation. For example:

To specify an alternative location for CSP.log:


To specify an alternative location and file name for the Event Log:


Event Log Rotation Size

This defines the size after which log rotation should take place. The default value is blank which effectively means

that the Gateway will maintain one log file which will grow until such time as the administrator manually clears


In Bytes

In Kilobytes

In Megabytes




The minimum size that can be specified is 100K. This value is automatically set if the administrator attempts to

set a lower value in the maintenance suite.

Rotated copies of the log file are named according to the date and time of rotation as follows:






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