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CSP Gateway Configuration Guide - InterSystems Documentation

CSP Web Gateway Management Page

If the server is used to server CSP applications then the broker components should be installed under:


The static files used to support the CSP samples:


The static files used to support the Caché Management Portal:

/opt/cspgateway/home/sys/ Custom Error Pages

The Error Pages section of the global configuration screen allows you to customize CSP Gateway error messages and system

responses. These can be set on a global or per-Caché server basis. To customize the default CSP responses, perform the


1. From the Web Gateway Management Main Menu, click Default Parameters.

2. In the Error Pages section, enter the name of the web applicationage that you wish to replace the corresponding Gateway

page with. Enter the full physical path to your web applicationage, or enter a path relative to that of the CSP Gateway.

3. Click Save Configuration.

The CSP Gateway system responses that you can customize are as follows:

Server Error

Server Busy

Page to display when the CSP Gateway encounters an internal error. For example, an error occurs if there is a

problem communicating with a Caché server. The specific error is always recorded in the CSP Gateway Event


Page to display when all available CSP connections are in use.

Server Unavailable

Server Timeout

Page to display when the Caché server (or application) has been deliberately disabled from within the configuration

Page to display when the request has timed out.

Connection Closed

Page to display when you log out of a state-aware session. Event Logging Parameters

The Event Log Level field allows you to control what information the CSP Gateway writes to the Event Log. Logging

options are defined as a string of characters, each character representing a logging command. The value set here for the

Event Log Level is the default for the system (that is, all Caché servers); however, you may set a different value for individual

Caché Servers.

The CSP Gateway writes the Event Log to the serial file named CSP.log. This file is placed in the same directory as the

CSP Gateway runtime module. You can view or clear the Event Log from the CSP Web Management page menu. The

logging parameters are used mainly for troubleshooting. The following table shows the logging options, which can be

expressed in lower- or uppercase.

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