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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


INT. HENRI'S OFFICE - DAYHenri looks down at the open Backovic file, at the titles ofthe short films before LA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.INT. HALLWAY - DAYHENRI(French; subtitled)Allo. C'est Henri.Ecoutez...Quel qu'un estvenu ici se renseigner surLA FIN ABSOLUE DU MONDE.(Hello. It's Henri.Listen... someone was hereabout LA FIN ABSOLUE DUMONDE today.)Kirby can't help himself. He creeps back down the hall so hecan hear better.HENRI(French; subtitled)Non, je n'ai rien dis maisil a quelques bon tuyaux.(No, I didn't tell himanything. He's got somegood leads, though.)(pause)C'est une coincidence. J'ensuis sur. C'est toujoursd'accord pour ce soir. Adix heure. Oui j'ai lespellicules. (I'm sure it'sa coincidence. We're stillon for tonight. I'll bethere by 10:00. Yes, I'vegot the prints.)Henri turns the stack of film cans on his desk so he can seethe sides. The titles are the same as in the Backovic file,all five of the short films.HENRI(French; subtitled)Le nom de la veuve Backovicn'est mentione nul part.Tout ira bien. (There's nomention of Backovic's widowin the file. She'll befine.)Henri hears something, looks sharply over at the door.

HENRI(French; subtitled)Attendez une minute. (Holdon a minute.)Henri rises, walks over to his office door --INT. HALLWAY – DAY-- and looks out into an empty hallway.INT. HENRI'S OFFICE – NIGHTHenri finishes straightening his desk. He checks his clock.9:40.Henri gathers the film cans on his desk and stands up. Whenhe turns to his office door, he jumps ---- and Kirby steps in, shaking his head.KIRBYHenri, you disappoint me.HENRIYou should not be here.KIRBYI thought we were friends.You know more than you'retelling me. That filmyou're holding... it's oneof Backovic's shortfilms, right?HENRIPlease... you do notunderstand.KIRBYYou're right. I don'tunderstand what's happeningto me. Last night, I sawsomething...HENRIA circle, right? Like thereel change of a movie.

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