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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -

He wipes his mouth,

He wipes his mouth, shocked.ONSCREENThe Angel and the Protagonist struggle as the Protagonistuses a straight razor to saw at one of the Angel's wings.The Angel makes a horrible, anguished sound.Another cigarette burn, but this one hovers in front of thescreen, and it doesn't disappear as the reel changes. Ithangs there, like a window, with flames visible behind it.Suddenly, a face slams into view, screaming, twisted inanguish and horror. Annie's face.INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - NIGHTKirby recoils, his nose bleeding now. He rubs his eyesfuriously, trying to make the image disappear.INT. ATRIUM - SAME TIMEFung crawls into the atrium, slowly, in obvious pain, hisruined eye sockets still bleeding.He crawls across the floor, out to where the Willowy Beingis still chained in place. Fung feels the leg of the WillowyBeing and stops crawling.With great effort, Fung reaches into his pocket and producesa small key which he holds up.The Willowy Being reaches down and pets Fung like you woulda dog who just fetched you the paper.Even though he's still in unholy pain, Fung manages ahorrible smile.INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - SAME TIMESitting there in front of the screen, Walter looks up,dumbfounded. He sees Annie, too.

ONSCREENAs the film continues to play, Annie presses against thecigarette burn from the inside. It's like a window thatbulges for a moment, then tears --INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - NIGHT-- spilling Annie out, nude and covered in blood, into thefront of the auditorium, onto Walter!Walter freaks out, and Kirby sees now that Walter's missingthe hand where he was holding the gun. It's just gone.Ripped clean off. Bleeding profusely.WALTERAnnie?! Baby?!Kirby looks up at the screen. The cigarette burn is gone,the screen intact once again, the movie playing again now,the Protaganist digging a hole in a field, covered in dirtand blood.Kirby stands and steps toward them, but Walter looks up athim, tears streaming down his cheeks.WALTERSTAY BACK!(sobs)You already killed heronce.Kirby watches the screen, trying to make sense of it.Walter puts his jacket around Annie and tries to wipe awayall the blood from her face.WALTERShhh... Daddy's here. It'sgonna be fine, baby. It'sgonna be fine.For a moment, Annie seems to focus on Walter, and she stopsscreaming.ANNIE... d-daddy?As Kirby stares up at the screen, he begins to shake, hiseyes rolling back into his head.

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