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Cigarette Burns -

Cigarette Burns -


BELLINGERI've done terrible thingsin my life. You don't makeas much money as I havewithout burying a fewbodies. You can sleep atnight just as long as theystay buried. Trouble is...they never do.KIRBYYou watched LA FIN ABSOLUEDU MONDE.Bellinger nods.And..?KIRBYBELLINGERI... highly recommend it.It's not a movie, however.It's a preview. It's thecoming attractions of thesoul. And, in my case, it'sa hell of an ending.KIRBYOn the phone... you saidyou needed help.BELLINGERI was going to ask you tofind another movie for me.After all... you did such agood job with this one. ButI don't need it now. I'vebeen inspired. I made myown movie.As Bellinger starts the second projector running, Kirbytakes a few more steps towards him, and now he can see whatBellinger's doing, can see what's about to happen --KIRBYOH, GOD, NO!Bellinger has slit his stomach open, and he has managed tothread the end of his small intestine into the projector!As soon as he starts it running, it pulls and begins tounspool him into the machine!

INT. BELLINGER'S SCREENING ROOM - NIGHTKirby practically falls down the steps in his haste toscramble away from Bellinger and his screams of agony.He turns to run ---- and comes face to face with Walter Matthews, holding asmall gun on him!KIRBYJesus... Walter... what areyou..?WALTERWhat's going on in here?What kind of... filthy...fucking...Walter looks up at the screen, at the psychedelic rainbow ofgore coming from the projector.WALTER... WHAT IS THIS?!?Kirby takes a step towards Walter.BLAM! Walter squeezes off a shot, a nervous twitch more thananything. He misses Kirby, but just barely. Kirby freezes.KIRBYWalter, we shouldn't behere.WALTERYou're right. But latelyI've been spending a lot oftime doing things Iwouldn't have expected.Like sitting outside yourtheater for days at a timewith a loaded gun. Likeletting my business go tohell while I figure outways to ruin your life.KIRBYI tried to save Annie.Shut up.WALTER

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