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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS IV I wander—I wander—O will she wander here Where'er my footsteps carry me I know that she is near, A jewelled lamp within her hand and jewels in her hair ; I lost her in a vision once and seek her everywhere. My spirit whispers she is near, I look at you and you: Surely she has not passed me, I sleeping as she flew. I wander—I wander, and yet she is not here, Although my spirit whispers to me that she is near. 139

POEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG ZION * She stood—a hill-ensceptred Queen, The glory streaming from her ; While Heaven flashed her rays between, And shed eternal summer. The gates of morning opened wide On sunny dome and steeple ; Noon gleamed upon the mountain-side Thronged with a happy people ; And twilight's drowsy, half closed eyes Beheld that virgin splendour Whose orbs were as her darkening skies, And as her spirit, tender. Girt with that strength, first-born of right, Held fast by deeds of honour, Her robe she wove with rays more bright Than Heaven could rain upon her. * Written at the age of sixteen. 140