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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


; EARLIER POEMS SPRING walk and I wonder I To hear the birds sing Without you, my lady, How can there be Spring ? I see the pink blossoms That slept for a year, But who could have waked them While you were not near ? Birds sing to the blossoms, Blind, dreaming your pink ; These blush to the songsters, Your music they think : So well had you taught them To look and to sing, Your bloom and your music, The ways of the Spring. 145

; ; — TOEMS BY ISAAC ROSENBERG SONG A silver rose to show Is your sweet face And like the heavens 1 white brow. Sometime God's battle-place, Your blood is quiet now. Your body is Unto my thought a star But stars are not too far, And can be caught Small pools their prisons are. 14(5