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Poems by Isaac Rosenberg


EARLIER POEMS O, IN A WORLD OF MEN AND WOMEN O, in a world of men and women, Where all things seemed so strange to me, And speech the common world called human For me was a vain mimicry, I thought—O, am I one in sorrow ? Or is the world more quick to hide Their pain with raiment that they borrow From pleasure in the house of pride ? O joy of mine, O longed-for stranger, How I would greet you if you came : In the world's joys I've been a ranger, In my world sorrow is their name. 153

Need, POEMS HY ISAAC ROSENBERG A GIRL'S THOUGHTS Dim apprehension of a trust Comes over me this quiet hour, As though the silence were a flower, And this, its perfume, dark like dust. My individual self would cling Through fear, through pride, unto its fears It strives to shut out what it hears, The founts of being murmuring. O ! whose hauntings terrorize ; Whether my maiden ways would hide, Or lose and to that need subside, Life shrinks and instinct dreads surprise. 154