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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

ideas, but on17 with

ideas, but on17 with the potenc7 to ideas, until the sensory orga~s provide the materia18 trom which its ideas are derived. It should not be ., said that the idea ot God is innate because aan natural17 desires happlness, obvious17, all men do not identltr happiness with the idea ot pos- , . ses81ng God, tor man7 seek happiness in wealth, in honor, in pleasure, or in t .... 3 All men naturally desire happiness, but, since all men do not aS80ciate the idea ot happiness with the idea.ot God, the natural de.ire ot happines8 does not indicate a natural or innate knowledge ot God's exi8tence. Since the existence ot God is not iDmlediate17 eTident to us and we have DO innate knowledge ot His existence, 8ince the quidditr or ellence ot God i8 not the proper object of the intellect of man in his present ltate, the existenoe of God must be demonstrated, Dot by .! eriori, but by ~ posteriori reasoning_ that i8, by reasoning from effects Immediately known to us, to their proper universal oause. The existence of effect. ot which our senses give us direct evidence, requires the exiltence ot a pre-exilting cause. Our knowledge of the esaential nature of that oaule may be inoomplete and imperfect but its existenoe at least, is I 3 St. Thomal, Summa Theologica, I a, q. 2, art. 1, ad 1 um: ••• man naturally desires happiness, and what is naturally desired by man must be naturally known to hila. !his however, is not to know absolute- 17 that God exilts, ••• for man7 there are who imagine that man'l perfect good which il happiness, con8ilts in riohel, and others in plealure, and other. in lomething else.

proven, by the e;dstenoe ot i tl ettects.' 1be poem, tor example, ·'11 direot evidenoe ot the existence, past or present, ot the poet; the novel requires an author, the oil painting, an artist, and the soore ot a' Iymphony, a oomposer ot INlio. From every ettect, ot whatever kind it 1I&y be, we oan obo 1- ... tain oertain knowledge ot the existenoe ot its oause, tor, trom nothing, nothing prooeeds. In proving the existenoe ot God, we are ,bl1ged by the very nature ot our being, to begin with sensible things. From UlOng the thingl ot sense we are tree to make Ghoice ot 8J17thing, great or small, upon which to base our observations,--the amoeba or the Rocky .ountain Iystem,--either serTes 'our purpose equally .... ll. lither ot these objectl or any other creature that _y be deoided upon as a starting point furnishes the material tor prOving the existenoe ot God in anyone ot the tive ways explained by St. Tnomas. Senlible being in its dynamio aspect, its static aspeot, its oontingenoy, its degree ot pertection and tinally its purpolive direction ,.... to an end lupplies the evidenoe needed tor St. !bo .. s' proot tor the exist- 'St. !hemas, 1heologioa, I a, q. 2, art. 2, oor.: And trom every etteot the e~stenoe ot its proper caule can be demonstrated, so long as its ettects are better known to us; because lince every etteot depends upon itl oause, it the etteot exilts, the oaule must pre-exilt. Henoe the existenoe ot God in 10 tar as it il not selt-evident to UI, oan be demonstrated trom those ot His ettects whioh are known to us. I Ibid., ad 3 um: From etteots not proportionate to the oause no pertect knowledge ot that oause oan be obtained. Yet trom every ettect the existenoe ot the oause oan be olearly demonstrated, and so we oan demonstrate the existenoe ot God trom His etteots, though trom them .... oannot perteotly know God al Be il in Hil essenoe.

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