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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

.' II TRODUCTIOlf .. .,

.' II TRODUCTIOlf .. ., PrOll the work. ot ftrioul writer. OIl the subjeot of' natural theology, it appears that the po.aibility' ot natural blJwledge ot God'. exiltenoe and ot Hil attribute. hal of'ten been que.tioned and has ... tiM. even been denied. hther Me CoJ'llick. in his Iatural 1heology, tell. us that trOltl the tiile of Protagoral the Sophi.t (tifth century B.C.), who i. reputed to haTe laid. not the god I nothiBg ean be mown, .ei ther that they are, nor that they are not," there haa existed in philo.ophy a tendenay to deny to the mind the oapability ot attaining to anything ulttaate or ab.olute.l Siailarly, Father Joyce inf'onaa u. that lome philolopherl hold that altlaough in order to a.coa-t tor the world of' experience we are cempelled to pOltulato an \Ulkncnm gro1lD.d ot being,r.alon will oarry u. no further than tllle. Bo attribute can be aftirmed of' this ulti_te grotmd except that it i. unknown and UIlknOftble.1 !go Cormick, J. P., S.J., .atural theology, Loyola UniTerdty Pr .... 1939, p. 13. 2Joyoe, G. B., Prinoiples of' •• tural .e010q, LongMn" London, 1923, Vol. I, p. z11. -- Gl"e8n &I Co.,

Cardinal .ercier .p.ak. ot the tundamental a •• umption of igaeranoe of metaphysioal realities that per.eates much of .edem philosophy. !here.x- 1.ta, he says, in the intelleotual atmosphere ot the present day a prejudice again.t a .cience·ot metaphysics on the .core ot there being no sp.cIal objeot tor suoh a .oienoe to oontemplate. Bothing i. knowable, it i • • aid, but what the sen.e. oan intora us about. and therefore what 18 .uper.eneible, should any .uoh rea 11 ty exist, hal no interest 'or the mnd, what il unknowable had be.t be lett~ its obsourity.3 st. !homas Aquinas .tates a dootrine that appears to be directly opposed to the philosophy of the Unknowable. Wot only is natural knowledge of God possible to men, aGoordine to the philosophy of St. !homal, but it is the only knowledge that I.tiltiel him; until he acquirel knowledge of the Fir.t Cause, man doe. not 0 •••• hi. que.t for knowledge. !he po.ition ot St. !hO ... 1 on thi. queltion i. well exprelled in the Contra Gentile., he lay •• ••• knowl.dge ot God i8 the last end ot all huaan knowledee and action ••••• Man has a natural desire to mow the cause. ot whatev.r he Ie... wheretore through wondering at what they .aw. and iporine ita cau.e, .en began to philo.ophic., and wh.n they had the cau.e they wwre at r •• t. Hor do they cea.. inquiring until they come to the tirst cau ••••••• ""'" a.ercier, ! Jlanual ot Mod.m Scholaltic Philosophy, tranllated by T. L. Parker and S. A. Parker, O.S.B., 8th edition, B. Berder Book Co., St. Loui., 1921, p. 413. EE, • .!!!., translation by English Dominican., from. the latelt Leonine edition, Benlig.r Bro •• , Hew York, 1928, Vol. III, chap. XXY, p. 69.

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