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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

.' not only tor it.

.' not only tor it. beooming but equally as muCh tor it. oonservation in being. God wills the beginning, or the actuality ot the oreature's exi.tenoe; a. long a. it oontinue. its existenoe, it does so because God wills to preserve it.30 So utterly dependent on God i. the oreature that it God's ooncurrenoe were to be withdrawn, the creature would be incapable ot action. The principle ot God as First Mover applies as much tt the activities of individual creatures as it does to the question ot motion in general. God is the 33 Firat Principle of every kind ot motion, hence of every operation of created being. Created action without the concurrence ot Divine action is as inoonceivable as love unsustained by the lover, or as the fragrance of ot the lily continued independently ot the lily's existence.31 By predicating of God the pure perfections ot His creatures we have been able to say, in!. very inadequate way. what ~.!!. The knowledge 30St• Thomas, Contra Gent., III, Pt. 1, chap. lxv, p. 155: The cause of a thing:must needs be the same as the cause ot its preservation; because preservation is nothing elae than continued existence •••• Now God is the cause ot everything's existence by His intellect and will. Therefore by His intellect and will He preserves things in existence. I 31St. Thomas, Contra Gent., III, Pt. 1, ohap. lxvii, p. 161: Now •• ince God not only gave existence to things when they tirst began to exist. but also causes existence in them as long a. they exi,t, by pre •• rving th.m in .xistenoe,•••• o. not only did Be give them aotive torc.s when Be first made them but is always oausing thoae toroes in them. Consequ.ntly, it the divine influence wer. to o.a.e, all operation would oome to an end. Th.retore every operation ot a thing is reducible to Bim as its cause.

34 4' of God that flows from the vision of His essenoe is inoomparably superior to that derived from His effectsl His effeots are only God's similitudes; they are not God. In our present state, however, the names given to God from His effeot. help us to aoquire true and certain knowl.dge of Him; , . .. 0 • ., that knowl.dge il necessarily imperfeot because it consists of concepts deriv.d from oreaturel and predioated by cre.tur.s of the Infinite God from Who •• 11 creatures proceed. Like St. Augustin., we our.elves to cre.ture., asking them to tell us what it is 1N lcve, when we love God. i!1e .arth and everything in it acknowl.dges that it is only p.rtioipated being; it is not God. When .... ask creatures to tell us something about God, their unanimous reply is, "H. made u.".32 Becaus. God gave being to His cre.tures, and made ore.tures to b., in a manner, like Himself, the perfections of created forms t.ll us som.thing ot the cf Him, acoording to Whcse 32St• Augu.tin •• fbe Conf.ssions of St. Augustin., translat.d by E. B. Pus.y, Fred.riok stOk.s Co., N.w YOrk, 1909, p. 269 tt.r But what do I love wh.n I love Th.e? ••• I a.k.d the e.rth, and it .nswered m., 'I am not H.'; .nd whatsoever .re in it oonfessed the same •••• And I replied unto all the things whioh encompassed the door of my flesha 'Ye have told me of ~ God, that ye are not He; t.ll me .omething of Him'. And they oried out with a loud voic., 'He mad. us'. My questioning th.m, was my thoughts on th.m, and their form of b •• uty gave the answer • I ••• beoaus •••• re.son is s.t over their •• nsee to judge on what th.y report, ••• men can a.k, so that the invisible things ct God are olearly ••• n, being understood by the thing. th.t ar. made. (Rom. I, 20).

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