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Literally, they can be touched and a<br />

subliminal understanding within my mind and<br />

heart is transformed into reality. Connecting<br />

these dots is like tracing constellations with a<br />

paintbrush. Look up into the darkness of the<br />

night sky and be awed by the unknown. In the<br />

vastness of the universe, humankind is a speck<br />

in that celestial sky. Our wars and worries,<br />

joys and dreams are inconsequential in the<br />

scope of outer space. Seeking peace amidst<br />

the troubles of the world seems like a mirage.<br />

Helen Beekman<br />

Helen Beekman, sculptor and painter, works<br />

and lives in New York City. She grew up in<br />

Menlo Park and Inverness, California and in<br />

1971 received a B.A. in Fine Art (focusing on<br />

sculpture) from Mills College in Oakland,<br />

California. Helen Beekman was a visiting artist<br />

at The American Academy in Rome. Her work is<br />

in private, corporate and museum collections.<br />

“Peace is as mercurial as the night sky. Trying<br />

to capture peace or holding stars in your hand<br />

is a daydream. I want you to look deeply into<br />

my hay sculptures. The painted hay is<br />

manipulated on neutral surfaces where my<br />

wordless thoughts and visions only imagined<br />

become three dimensional palettes. Stars fall<br />

into the hay like fireflies landing on grass.<br />

Still, I am a believer in peace. I am uplifted<br />

knowing that while our home rock floats in<br />

the infinite darkness of nothingness, twinkling<br />

lights brighten churning chaos. We are made<br />

of stardust, the identical atomic elements<br />

(oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen) of<br />

the Milky Way. This is humbling but the very<br />

nature of humans has something intangible,<br />

optimism.<br />

I peer into the night sky and hear John<br />

Lennon’s song Imagine. I feel a sense of<br />

possibility and peace. We humans are<br />

stubborn, arrogant yet we try to be good<br />

citizens on earth. We will fight for our blue<br />

planet and peace. We are stardust with a<br />

shared responsibility.”<br />

Helen Beekman | April 2018<br />

Shooting Stars<br />

Hay, acrylic on Masonite<br />

104 x 102 cm | 2017<br />


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