Sculpture Program, Princeton University,

Maryland Institute of Art, School of Visual Arts.

He currently is an occasional instructor at art

schools in the US and Europe. His work has

been presented at Documenta 6 (1977) and at

the Venice Biennale (American Pavilion) in

1980. His art is represented in many private

and public collections.

Lucio Pozzi

Lucio Pozzi was born in 1935 in Milan, Italy.

After living a few years in Rome, where he

studied architecture, he came to the United

States in 1962, as a guest of the Harvard

International Summer Seminar. He then settled

in New York and took the US citizenship. He

now shares his time between his Hudson (NY)

and Valeggio s/M (VR) studios.

In 1978 the Museum of Modern Art, New York,

exhibited his early videotapes in one of the

first single-artist exhibitions of the Projects:

Video series. He occasionally writes and has

taught at the Cooper Union, Yale Graduate

“The Next 475 Years Of My Art And Life” is

both a lecture and a work of art. I have

delivered it for about thirty years always with

the same title. Even though it contains a fixed

nucleus of images, it changes over the years

according to circumstances. In this event I

move constantly and hop from one idea to the

next not so much to explain but rather to

trace the evolution of a way of thinking about

art. I describe how I have turned upside down

the canons of my generation’s Conceptual and

Analytic art so as to make of them a point of

departure instead of a point of arrival. Since

then I live my art at the widest range, in all

its possibilities. I have chosen to seek the

intensity of inspiration by structuring a

practice of continuous shifts from one mode

of art making to the next. I believe that

coherence of style and meaning does not

depend on formula but surfaces uncalculated

in the practice of the artist.”

Lucio Pozzi | April 2018


Acrylic on plywood

Size variable - a proxy artwork | 2018


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