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Cooper Siegel

Cooper Siegel is a sculptor who works primarily

in bronze and clay, exploring emotion and the

human figure. Cooper is currently a student at

Elizabethtown College, majoring in Engineering

and minoring in Studio Art. Cooper has studied

fine art in Rome and aspires to attend

graduate school for a Masters in Fine Art.

“Mans struggle to attain peace has been with

us since the dawn of time. The history books

are filled with accounts of these struggles.

“The Hand That Holds Us” is an attempt to

document the inner struggle to attain our own

individual peace. It is the hope of the artist

that if the viewer can obtain inner peace for

even just a moment then we can collectively

move towards an external peace.”

Cooper Siegel

The Hand That Holds Us

Bronze and marble

38 x 23 x 38 cm | 2017

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