Happiful November 2019


The Full


A bundle of energy, positivity and

fun, Georgina Horne has gone

from working in a restaurant,

to travelling the world as a

plus-size model. Through her

fullerfigurefullerbust social media

platform, the 31-year-old has

created an online community for

the larger lady in a bid to promote

body positivity.

Having faced fat-shamers

throughout much of her life, she

channelled her experiences into a

support group helping women to

embrace their curves, boost their

confidence, and feel empowered.

However, it’s not always been a

smooth catwalk for Georgina.

Here, she tells Happiful about

coping with trolls, her mental

health, and why now – 27 years

after her mother’s death – she has

turned to therapy >>>

Interview | Suzanne Baum

Photography | Alison Webster