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In this issue:
- The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
- City Skin Detox
- Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival
- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors

Jess when she was undergoing cancer treatment.

commitment anyway,’ says Jess. ‘I am

so lucky I was in that position. I have

spoken to other women who aren’t in

relationships and it is an added layer

of complexity having to have that

conversation. It is hard enough to

meet someone without knowing you

have to explain all of this too!’

With a family history, Jess was well

armed with the facts.

‘My paternal grandmother had

died of breast cancer at 34, when my

dad was five years old. We had heard

of this testing and my cousin was

keen. She had mentioned it to my

family, so my dad and uncle did the

genetic screening first and both had

Jess’s positivity stayed with

her throughout the entire ordeal

and she remains as buoyant

as ever today.

the BRCA gene. My sister then got

screened and, yep, we both have the

gene too.’

From there it was a matter of

screening every six months. Rather

than wallow in self-pity or fear, Jess

and her sister decided to make a sixmonthly

event of the tests.

‘We thought we would have

this ‘date’ every six months, to do

something for ourselves and make

it special. That way it was no more

routine than a pap smear, but we also

had some sisterly bonding to look

forward to.’

‘You have a mammogram and

an ultrasound, and at six-monthly

intervals, an MRI. I had the

mammogram and ultrasound in

December and had the MRI in July,

which is when they picked it up. It

was deep within my breast and wasn’t

detectable to touch. Because of my

age and dense breast tissue it may not

have been there six months before,

but it may have been and was just not


Jess’s positivity stayed with her

throughout the entire ordeal and she

remains as buoyant as ever today.

‘I am one hundred per cent one of

the lucky ones – for some reason fate

had it and I knew to have the test. A

lot of people don’t have the luxury of

being able to intervene so early. It was

the family thing that threw us a little


‘At some point, of course we

wanted a family, but I wanted to be

the one to choose when the time

was right. Travers and I are both very

practical. We are not deep talkers –

we didn’t even talk about it. We just

knew we were going to go down the

path of fertility preservation. Neither

of us had the energy or time to have

an in-depth conversation about it.

We were told that ‘this is what we

should do’, so that is what we did!

‘I was told early on that chemo

could ‘fry my eggs’. My biggest fear

was that chemotherapy would place

me into early menopause and I

would become infertile. I had the

opportunity to do one round of IVF

before chemotherapy started, but

I experienced a looming sensation

that that was the only option I would


‘I was given a monthly injection

of Zoladex, which switches off the

ovaries and puts them to sleep. I

had that and even though there

was every chance it wouldn’t work;

it was successful, and I was able to

do another round of IVF after my

chemotherapy was over. I was so 121

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