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- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors



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Skin is



heads are turning for

the truly incredible


benefits of Medik8’s

award winning antiageing

serum, Crystal


Vitamin A is a powerful

skincare ingredient that helps

effectively fight visible signs

of ageing. Medik8’s next-generation

anti-ageing product, Crystal

Retinal is a ground-breaking night

serum which helps firm, plump and

resurface the skin, visibly minimising

fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a

more youthful-looking and eventoned


Crystal Retinal is formulated

with retinaldehyde, a super-charged

derivative of Vitamin A that works

in synergy with skin to help promote

cellular turnover.

Retinoids may cause mild irritation

when you start using them including

redness, irritation and flaking. This

is normal and a sign that your skin

is adjusting to having an abundant

source of beneficial Vitamin A.

However, Medik8’s time-release

stability system ensures that Crystal

Retinal TM is released slowly and

steadily throughout the night,

meaning it won’t overwhelm the

skin. It’s also now easier to help

your skin adjust to the powerful

effects of retinaldehyde with a

recent expansion of the Crystal

Retinal family.

The range now incorporates four

different strengths of the serum which

provide a stepping-stone to the higher

and more effective levels of Crystal

Retinal 6 & 10. Medik8 Head of

Research, Daniel Isaacs, explained

the importance of building up the

level of Vitamin A over time: ‘It is

extremely important to ease your skin

into using retinoids gently. Starting


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