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In this issue:
- The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
- City Skin Detox
- Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival
- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors





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Fear not – it’s not quite as dire as it

sounds. There are several simple things

you can do to equalise the effects of

city living on your skin. First up, your

epidermis will thank you every day for

a basic twice-daily skincare routine. Get

skin in tip-top condition by cleansing,

toning and moisturising every morning

before applying makeup (it should go

without saying that falling asleep with

your makeup on is a no-no). Exfoliation

to slough away dead cells and brighten

the complexion can be done at home,

or with micro-dermabrasion or a peel at

a salon to remove surface debris.

Improving the skin’s resistance to

pollution is the name of the game. Use

sun protection and a moisturiser rich

with ingredients to improve the skin’s

surface strength.

Cosmetics are often blamed for

clogging pores, but they can actually

protect against pollution because they

provide a fine layer of resistance; so

don’t steer clear of your makeup bag.

Oh, and keep hand cream in your bag

to soothe chapped hands.

1. Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water, $39, 2. Medik8

Micellar Mousse 150ml, $49, 3. Napoleon Perdis Rebirth

of Venus Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil, $39, 4. Skin Health

Science Carbo Cleanser 100ml, $72, 5. Clarins Extra-Comfort

Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream 200ml $52, 6. Skin Regimen

Cleansing Cream, antipollution face wash, $60, 7. Arbonne

Bio-Hydria Gel Cleanser, $35

Masks &


1. Maaemo The Elimination Mask, $49.95,

2. Napoleon Perdis Bentonite Clay

And Kaolin Face Mask, $35, 3. Indie Lee

Clearing Mask, $85, 4. Revision Skincare

Black Mask, $59.99, 5. Retreatment

Botanics Instant Glow Face Masque

75ml, $65 , 6. asap Revitalising Bodyscrub

200ml, $45, 7. Bobbi Brown Instant Detox

Face Mask 75ml, $78, 8. Edible Beauty &

Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse Mask

50ml, $60







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