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Sufferers of melasma often

seek treatment for this type of

hyperpigmentation. It sits deeper in

the skin’s dermis and often appears

on the face as larger brown patches

with a non-distinct border. More

common in women, the exact cause

of melasma is unknown but is often

linked to hormonal imbalances.

It can be made worse with sun

exposure, some medications,

pregnancy and stress.

To prevent future

hyperpigmentation, make sure

to apply a high sun protection such

as mesoprotech ® , which has five

innovative formulations, each with

the ‘collagen pro shield’ to provide

antioxidant protection that helps

neutralise free radicals. All products

in the mesoprotech ® range combine

physical, biological and/or chemical

filters for maximum protection against

UVB and UVA radiation.



We recommend cosmelan ® for

the professional treatment of

troublesome pigmentation spots.

Developed by mesoestetic ® and

distributed in Australia by Advanced

Cosmeceuticals, cosmelan ® is a new

generation depigmentation treatment

that finally offers clinically proven

results in all types of pigmentation,

including melasma. It is a ‘one-off’ in

clinic treatment with a home

care regime, that not only helps

visibly reduce dark spots, it also

restores radiance and luminosity

to the skin while equalising skin

tone. The treatment works by

helping to decrease the skin’s

melanin production.

cosmelan ® has an impressive

clearance rate, helping to reduce age

spots by up to 95% in nearly all cases.

The treatments are suitable for all

Fitzpatrick skin types and can be

used all year around.

And it gets better – cosmelan ®

has a dual action. It has a short-term

action to improve the appearance

of superficial pigmentation via

chemical exfoliation and a longer

term action which gives it an

advantage over other products, in

that its ingredients actually help to

reduce melanin production.

Although you need to prepare

yourself for some downtime, if you’re

a lifelong pigmentation sufferer, you

will know the possibility of having

smooth and clear skin far outweighs

the short downtime.

cosmelan ® uses kojic acid (KA),

which is a natural chelation agent.

This KA complex is partnered

with a high antioxidant vitamin

complex, which can help the skin

look rejuvenated and renewed, and

diminish the appearance of age spots

and pigmentation.

A vegetable extract complex is

used to hydrate and soothe the skin.

Notably, cosmelan ® also includes an

exfoliating agent to help accelerate

the natural renewal of the skin’s

upper layers and further reduce the

appearance of age spots.

The cosmelan ® Professional

Treatment affords an effective and

fast track solution to the clearance of

melasma pigmentation. CBM



cosmelan is available at select

skin clinics across Australia.

For stockists, visit www.

or call 1800 242 011

What to expect

The cosmelan ® treatment

consists of two phases and

it is imperative both be used

according to the directions to

achieve complete success.

Phase 1 – in the


The cosmelan ® 1 mask is applied

in the clinic and left on the skin

for a period of time, which is

determined by the professional

according to your skin colour

and type. This is usually around

8-12 hours.

Phase 2 – home


The mask is removed at

home with warm water and

followed by an application of

melan recovery. cosmelan ® 2

maintenance cream is applied

at home according to the

recommended protocol of the

professional. The objective of

this highly effective maintenance

cream is to help the continued

brightening of the complexion,

while restoring luminosity.

Follow daily with melan recovery

and mesoprotech ® melan 130

pigment control.

Peeling of the treated skin

begins in approximately

48-72 hours and lasts about

three days. hydra-vital factor

k is provided for multiple

applications during the day

and night. Follow up is in 7-10

days and the cosmelan ® home

maintenance program must be

adhered to for effective results.

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