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the light


Dark Spots

Although prevention is better than cure, and

sunscreen and a hat are our ‘must-haves’ in summer,

when the damage is already done cosmelan ® from

mesoestetic ® is our first choice for treating

hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Most people are bothered

by hyperpigmentation at

some point in their life. In

its various forms, hyperpigmentation

affects over 80 per cent of women over

the age of 25 and is rated the number

two skin concern after facial wrinkles.

As we age and expose ourselves to the

sun, brown spots and marks tend to

appear more frequently and have in the

past proven difficult to treat.

There are four major types of





This is caused by trauma to the skin

like a cut from shaving, acne or some

aggressive aesthetic treatments. In

response, the skin initiates a healing

response or inflammation, and there is

a healing rush of immune cells, blood

and nutrients to the site of attack.

PIH usually heals of its own accord,

although in some cases it can last for a

long time, and may need treatment

to encourage its resolution.

Age Spots

(or liver spots)

These are the annoying spots we

accumulate with age from exposure

to the sun or pollution. Unlike PIH,

age spots occur with no incidence of

trauma; instead their creation stems

from years of just living in our harsh

environment. Stressors such as UV

light and air pollution accelerate the

ageing of the skin cells, causing the

production of melanin. Many say

this form of hyperpigmentation is a

tell-tale sign of age, but now you

can treat it effectively.


Our freckles are caused by an excess

of melanin on the skin. They can be

the result of genetics or from excess

sun exposure. Many of us love our

‘beauty spots’ but others find them

uncomfortable to live with.

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