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Welcome Addresses for the 49 th Annual

Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT 2018)

29 –30 May 2018, Berlin

KTG (German Nuclear Society)

The Chairman

On behalf of the Kerntechnische Gesell schaft e.V.

I would like to warmly welcome you to the 49 th

Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology. The members

of the KTG once again prepared an excellent

and highly topical programme and special thanks

should be expressed to the members of the Programme

Committee, who contributed personally

and with great engagement in the preparation of this conference.

We also like to thank all our speakers and exhibitors, who formed our

AMNT 2018 as well into a magnet for a national and international


In the past few weeks important settings, with regards to the final

stage of the life cycle of German nuclear power plants – decommissioning

and disposal of radioactive waste – were made:

• The in Germany largely and politically imposed decommissioning

continues: in February this year Unterweser as 5 th plant in the

“Post-Fukushima era” and Grafenrheinfeld as 6 th plant just a

couple of days ago received the first decommissioning and

dismantling license;

• In many decommissioned plants spent fuel elements were and

still are loaded from the spent fuel pools into Castor® casks and

transferred to the on-site storage facilities.

For us, as nuclear technicians, it is also worth noticing:

• That the German jurisdiction „ideology-free“ e.g. passed judgement

on the “Enforcement of Castor®­ Transportation on the River

Neckar“ or the “Illegality of the Fuel Element Tax“.

• That in our neighbour country Switzerland the power plant

Beznau’s unit 1, after a three-year-interruption of operation, may

start operating again after the operator Axpo was able to prove,

that the reactor pressure vessel does not contain any flaws that

could lead to a failure. Swiss experts and authorities, ideology-free

and supported by the opinion of international experts, verified

and accepted the technical evidence.

• That german nuclear power plants, which are connected to the

grid, generate after all in secured power operation environmentally

friendly electricity, a responsibility, which they will meet

until the last day of the year 2022 and beyond.

During the different formats of our annual meeting we will reflect on

these and further focal points and place emphasis on the professional

dialogue between our national and international knowledge carriers.

This year’s AMNT will also continue with successful formats of young

talents such as Nuclear Energy Campus or Young Scientists’ Workshop.

I am particularly pleased that this year we will not only award the

Karl-Wirtz Prize to one of our young scientists but additionally also

award the honorary membership of the KTG for long term commitment

and merits around nuclear technology, “Innovation Made in

Germany“ and supporting youngsters.

For our annual meeting, I wish all participants’ new insights as

well as interesting meetings, contacts and exchange. Once more also

our very impressive industrial exhibition provides a suitable platform

for this purpose.

And please do not forget: what unites the individual members of

the KTG is the “fascination of nuclear energy”. Get yourself (once

again) infected by it…

DAtF (German Atomic Forum)

The President

It is that time of the year again: Our joint annual

meeting from the DAtF and KTG, the Annual

Meeting on Nuclear Technology is approaching.

On the 29 and 30 May the 49 th edition of our

industry’s key meeting in Germany and one of

the most recognised nuclear expert conference

worldwide takes place. Already today I would

like to bring you attention to the very considerable anniversary we

will celebrate next year: our 50 th Annual Meeting. Please already

save the date today for the 7 and 8 May 2019. Many attractive

additional programme elements will await you!

However, first of all – as usual – an outlook on our once more

highly topical and professionally excellent programme of this year’s

meeting. The list of our speakers within our plenary programme

promises a maximum of interesting and entertaining lectures:

Karsten Möhring MdB (CDU), Dr. Dr. Jan Backmann (Nuclear

Regulatory Schleswig-Holstein), David Peattie (NDA), Dr. Willibald

Kohlpaintner ( Axpo), Dr. Dirk Stenkamp (TÜV Nord Group), Carsten

Haferkamp (Framatome), Jacopo Buongiorno (MIT), Ursula

Heinen-Esser (BGE), Dr. Maria J. Rodriguez (MPI).

Also, outside the plenary session exciting expert lectures are

awaiting you, for example on the implementation of the new EU BSS

in Germany or on the role of radiation protection during the

dismantling, release and disposal. The paradigm shift in nuclear

waste management in Germany and the skills and recourses needed

for safe decommissioning will be discussed. It will be spoken about

the safety of advanced reactor concepts and practical protective

measures in nuclear power plants as well as about aspects of the

safety culture. In addition to many other topics, research projects

such as DEMO or NUGENIA will also be reported. Last but not least

– the Young Scientists’ Workshop demonstrates the strong engagement

of the younger generation and the support by the involved


An extraordinary exhibition of companies and organizations

awaits you in the industrial exhibition. While we are very excited to

welcome again country pavilions from the United Kingdom and the

Czech Republic also many new national and international exhibitors

announced their participation at the AMNT. Use the breaks to give

you an idea of the development of nuclear products and services.

And above all: the industrial exhibition offers in this spectrum the

unique opportunity in Germany to establish or deepen contacts

with high-level representatives from politics, public authorities, the

industry, operators, expert organisations and research institutes.

We are very much looking forward to your registration at if you are not a registered user yet

to the AMNT 2018.

My especially warm thanks go to all persons involved in the programme

design, speakers, participants, exhibitors and sponsors.

Your involvement and your professional expertise are the decisive

factors for the success of our annual meeting.

Dr. Ralf Güldner


Frank Apel


Welcome Addresses for the 49 th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT 2018)

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