Happiful September 2020


A leap

of faith

Whether you’ve been plagued by selfdoubt,

or are familiar with the little

gremlin of comparison sitting on your

shoulder, it’s all too easy to fall into the

trap of negative self-talk.

It happens to all of us at some point

in our lives; we can let external

influences, or even the person in the

mirror, put us in a box. We set internal

barriers on what we’re capable of

achieving, because we’re afraid to

test our limits, and find out our real


But this issue is all about tearing down

those self-destructive monsters, and is

instead devoted to inspiring self-love,

the courage to follow your dreams, and

empowering you to create a life that

you truly desire.

We delve into the positive impact a

little self-love can have on our lives,

and just how you can cultivate it, plus

our incredible columnist Grace Victory

opens up to encourage you to take

a deep breath, and step out of your

comfort zone.

We uncover the powerful lessons we

can learn from ‘failing’, share a unique

life-coaching tool to recognise what

areas of your life need some extra TLC,

and investigate imposter syndrome.

We hope you’ll find the compassion,

and comfort, of a friend in the next 92

pages, who is rooting for you all the

way – and in those moments where

your confidence feels rattled, know

that we believe in you.

Because, above all else, we want you

to know you are worthy, and you

deserve the life you’re dreaming of.

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold

you back a moment longer!


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