Happiful September 2020



14 Self-love lessons

Practical steps you can take to start

embracing self-love, and to finally unlock

your full, unbridled potential

26 Stevie Blaine

The body confidence influencer chats

masculinity, and the power of tuning-in

34 Fear of failure

Is anxiety about things not going to plan

holding you back?

44 Ashley Banjo

The founder of Diversity reflects on his

growing family, and a slower pace of life

49 Fresh perspective

We debunk eight common misconceptions

about life with sight loss

The Uplift

8 In the news

13 The wellbeing wrap

21 What is imposter syndrome?

Discover what's behind that niggling feeling

at the back of your mind which tells you

that you're not enough

90 Have a guilt-free month

Lifestyle and


18 Into the unknown

Columnist Grace Victory on the benefits of

stepping out of your comfort zone

30 Hungry for touch?

We explore the power of touch, and how to

harness it in the age of social distancing

32 The wheel of life

Use this practical tool to help you look inwards

42 Create honeybee hotspots

59 Life after job-loss

Discover support for the next steps

70 Entrepreneurial life lessons


54 Go-getter

Set goals and achieve your dreams

64 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Be inspired by the author and speaker

79 Four page-turners

New reads you won't want to miss

84 Things to do in September

Life Stories

37 Vanessa: new beginnings

Vanessa survived immense

challenges to become a successful

businesswoman, before burnout finally

hit. It was then that she knew it was time

to start over

55 Andy: reaching out

A series of difficult events left Andy

unsure of the future. But, at his lowest

moment, a simple message from a

friend made all the difference

87 Flo: the breakthrough

Childhood health problems led Flo to a

breakdown at just eight, but with time

she came to terms with her journey

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