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Журнал «Интернаука» № 13 (47), 2018 г. It is necessary to adjust the teaching workload according to the level of the exercises and game. The formation of pupils figure, motor skills and health strengthening, developing of physical skills will be only due to the effective use of teaching methods and above mentioned principles during teaching physical education. It is possible to use movement games in physical education classes for primary school pupils. Not only pupils figure but their positive emotional states, interests in the lesson are also improved while playing games. Games always bring children joy and happiness; therefore even pupils with bad manners cannot be excluded from the game. .[3,р.17] Movement games play an important role in solving aspects of upbringing during the class. To choose games for physical education classes is a necessary condition at the secondary schools. It is considered as a solution of the most educating and activity tasks. Therefore, it will give more effects when all pupils in spite of their age and sex are involved in all movement games included to the lesson plan. Organization of extracurricular activities and sport competitions will provide interest of pupils in sport. Extracurricular activities are very important, because 3 hours of physical education class in a week are few for comprehensive developing. It will be efficient if the school staff collectively organizes these activities. It is possible to achieve goals of the healthy physical education if the school principals promote school pupils to actively participate in extracurricular activities, sport competitions, primary and general gymnastics. .[4,р.8] It is possible to change and organize above mentioned health activities according to the condition and status of the schools. It is useful to organize physical education classes outside in the fresh air. There will not be any tiredness. It will be good for pupils to do 1-3 exercises aimed at improving blood circulation and relaxing fingers during the lesson. For example, they can do squatting and rotating the torso to the left and right etc. Teacher will set the duration of exercises focused on the health strengthening. These exercises especially should be done while writing lessons. It is necessary to pay more attention to the use of movement games for primary school pupils because they do “need” a lot of movements at their age. It is important to select games played during the break according to the task and place of lesson. Therefore a place for playing a game is to be prepared especially indoors. Safety rules and absence of dangerous things will be notified while playing games indoors. If the game is played outside, players should be familiar with playground, lines should be indicated and sport instruments should be provided. The system of game is following: Name of the game The role and position of the player Course of the game The task of the game Rules of the game and its other types You can explain it and present through practical method in order to learn how to play the game. To appoint a leader of the game: The appointment of a supervisor To define through toss-up Through selection among players Method of dividing into groups according the results of last game: Through counting Through selection of captain The leading of a game leader To understand the game quickly and to continue it mostly depends on the skills of game supervisor. Game starts with signs such as whistle, order, clap hands and giving signs by flags and hands. Supervisor should control the game and stand in basic dangerous place during game. He should pay attention to prevent disagreement, conflict among players. It is necessary to strictly keep rules for interesting game. There should be justice in dividing pupils into teams because each player tries to win during the game. To judge game fairly teaches pupils not only to be honest and just, it also increases the pupils’ interests in physical education. The supervisor should control the time. It is important to replace fastmoving games to slow-moving games according to the age difference of the players. To control the course of the game: To shorten the time and to reduce the size of the area Running, jumping for distance Break between exercises To warn about the deficiencies of exercises. To count points, to define the rules of game etc. To increase the number of groups in order to improve interests of the participants, i.e. to divide into more than two groups. You have to pay attention to a quick performing of exercise and without mistakes when concluding the game. The results on game mistakes, participants’ roles are evaluated and announced after the game. Rules of the game: Game supervisor must not beat a player invited for a competition. Player invited for a competition must go against supervisor of game. It is necessary to greet, to hug at the meeting. Physical education classes at the secondary schools contribute pupils to develop comprehensively. It improves health, movement skills, teaches pupils to be active in life and prepares to protect the motherland. Pupils acquire knowledge about physical activities and experiences during the lesson. They learn to do exercises by themselves. Students will be strong, fast and patient through doing difficult movements during the class. Educational, healthcare, upbringing goals will be also achieved during lesson. Physical education improves interest of students in movements and develops their creative skills. Nowadays there is lack of qualified specialists in physical education especially at schools in small towns. Therefore, lessons of physical education at schools in small towns are still not taken into consideration. If all teachers of physical education work with a 61

Журнал «Интернаука» № 13 (47), 2018 г. great responsibility and teach their lessons according to the developed educational curriculum, also increase agility, speed, tolerance and interest of pupils in physical education, it will be possible to prevent many diseases caused by ecological problems. .[5,р.13] The forms of organization physical training include physical education classes, extracurricular activities and sport competitions. The main type of physical training of school pupils is physical education classes. References: 1. Professional physical education of the future specialists// Textbook, Almaty, 2008.- p.336. 2. Opportunities of using pedagogical disciplines and practice in professional training of future teachers (Important issues on improving the training quality of qualified specialists and ways of combining knowledge with science in the ХХІ century.// International scientific-methodological conference)- Shymkent -2006.- p.431-434 3. Theoretical basis of a professional development of future teachers in the higher education institutions. K.I. Satpayev Kazakh National research technical university (“Natural and human sciences and their role in the implementation of the industrial-innovative development program of the Republic of Kazakhstan” III- International scientific-practical conference, 2007. p.203-205. 4. Development of professional creative personality of future teachers. “The current problems on the development of physical education and sport” // International scientific-practical conference.Aktobe State Pedagogical University.- Aktobe, 2007. p.418-122. 5. The training features of future teachers to professional activity. //N.Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University. “To reform higher pedagogical education: history, experience and future” International scientific and practical conference.-Atyrau, 2007. p. 13-16. 62