notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

c. Seep/W Model Design and Results that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed

mitigation technique including;

i. Cross-section drawing(s) depicting:

1. scale (horizontal and vertical)

2. elevations

3. soil profile and associated aquifer parameter

4. mitigation design drawing

5. Flow arrows and associated quantities

ii. Appropriate supporting text documenting all parameters and assumptions used in

the model design, and a description of the model design and approach, signed

and sealed by a geologist or engineer licensed in the State of Florida, pursuant to

Chapters 492 and/or 471, Florida Statutes. If site-specific data/tests were

performed/developed and used in the design of the model, that information shall

be provided, explaining the use of such information. The report shall identify if

the Florida Department of Environmental Protection authorized the use of

“castback” in this area. If not, the model shall not include castback.

6. Geologic Map(s);

a. Cross-sectional drawing depicting:

i. scale (horizontal and vertical) and north arrow,

ii. boring log location, soil classification and thickness profile

7. Mining depth maps / aerial photos

a. Legend, scale, and north arrow

b. Color-coded identification:

i. Overburden thickness

ii. Matrix thickness

iii. Total mining depth

8. Historic water level range(s) (as defined in the EMP)

a. Methodologies for determination of historic levels to be maintained

i. Supporting documentation / data

b. Complete / period of record water level data for the associated monitoring network

i. Tabular / spreadsheet (electronic)

ii. Graphical

c. Rain gauge location(s) and data


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