notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

• Time-lapse photography was shown. Mr. Smith then answered questions about the quantity of

water that will be treated, cell maintenance to de-nitrify the system, and the size of the

remaining parcels of land to be acquired.

• The PRMRWSA expressed their appreciation of staff as they worked cooperatively to resolve

some water quality issues.

Hunting on District Lands

• Joseph Quinn, Land Management Manager, provided an overview of hunting opportunities on

District lands, which have been available to the public since the 1970s. Approximately

132,000 acres are open for hunting as designated Wildlife Management Areas managed by

the FWC.

• In addition, the District manages special hunts for youth and the mobility-impaired. Special

opportunity hunts allow the District to conduct feral hog control in an efficient and costeffective


• Mr. Quinn described the District’s recent hunting evaluation, which was initiated by a request

from the United Water Fowlers. The evaluation resulted in Governing Board approval of

expanded opportunities on four District properties.

• He discussed ongoing activities, including coordination with FWC, opportunities to expand

feral hog control, and the potential formation of a Land Management Advisory Committee. (A

member of the public representing the Native Plant Society spoke in favor of the creation of an

advisory committee.)

• Mr. Quinn answered questions from Committee members concerning the number of hogs

eliminated last year, compatibility of mixed use on District lands, fees, and the occurrence of

hunting activities along marked trails.

Cooperative Funding Program Update

• Terri Behling, Governmental Affairs Manager, reviewed the process and said the due date for

proposals was October 5, two months earlier than in prior years. The schedule was moved up

in order for staff to evaluate and ensure the completeness of the proposals prior to

presentation to the Governing Board.

• She said 143 applications were received, requesting more than $86.7 million in FY2014. The

majority of the projects are in the water quality and water supply categories, and more than

half of the projects were submitted in the Tampa Bay region covering Pasco, Pinellas and

Hillsborough Counties.

• Ms. Behling answered questions about the availability and source of funding, and provided

information on the typical applicant.

Development of Agenda Topics

• Committee members suggested a number of potential topics for future meetings and asked

Board liaison Michael Babb if there is any specific input the Governing Board would like from

the Committee. Mr. Babb said he will present a list to the Committee in January.

• The next meeting of the Environmental Advisory Committee is scheduled for January 14, 2013

at 1:30 p.m. in the Tampa Service Office.


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