notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

Project Amendment Type Assigned Completed Description 10YWSFWP

Mulberry 12-2ESR ESR 6/20/2012 7/18/2012 FLUM amendment on 19.96 acres along SR 60 from Industrial to

Commercial Highway. Several wetland sites (2,8,10). Drains to

North Prong - Alafia River.

Ocala 12-1 ESR 3/21/2012 4/11/2012 Property situated outside Southwest Florida Water Management

District. No comments submitted.

Ocala 12-2ESR ESR 7/27/2012 Future land use map amendment. Not located within District.

Ocala 12-3ESR ESR 9/3/2012 10/4/2012 Incorporate visioning workshops into plan. No substantive


Pasco 11-2ESR-CPA 11(04); 11-

3ESR-CPA 11(05); 11-4ESR-

CPA11(06); 11-5ESR-CPA11(07)

Regular 10/18/2011 11/14/2011 Proposed changes to market overlay areas. Made comments relating

to wetlands, water supply and flood prone areas.

Pasco 12-1ESR ESR 11/29/2011 12/22/2011 No substantive comments

Pasco 12-2ESR ESR 12/22/2011

Pasco 12-2ESR ESR 12/22/2011 1/17/2012 No substantive comments made.

Pasco County 12-3ESR ESR 3/7/2012 4/6/2012 Proposed amendment to add ~ 5460 acres to the South Market Area.

Pasco County 12-4ESR ESR 4/30/2012 5/29/2012 The Comp Plan amendment proposes to change land use for the

Starkey Ranch to pre DRI conditions.

Pasco County 12-5ESR ESR 6/11/2012 7/9/2012 This proposed amendment is a FLU change fro Res to PUD.

Pinellas County 12-1ESR ESR 12/30/2011 Through this amendment, the County proposes to revise several

Objectives and Policies of the Transportation Element related to the

St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport.

Pinellas Park 11-1ESR ESR 11/2/2011 11/17/2011 The City is proposing to redifine the "Coastal Storm Area" of the


Pinellas Park 12-3ESR ESR 3/6/2012 4/5/2012 10 Yr Water Supply Facilities Work Plan

Pinellas Park 12-3ESR ESR 8/20/2012 9/18/2012 The proposed amendment removes the school concurrency

provision from the Public School Facility Element.

Plant City 12-1ESR ESR 12/29/2011

Plant City 12-1ESR ESR 12/29/2011 1/24/2012 Commented on historical flooding and encouraged the incorporation

of LIDs in development proposals.

Plant City 12-1ESR (proposed) ESR 12/29/2011

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