notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

October 30, 2012 October 30, 2032

The Permittee is responsible for submitting an application to renew this permit no sooner than one year

prior to the expiration date, and no later than the end of the last business day before the expiration date,

whether or not the Permittee receives prior notification by mail. Failure to submit a renewal application

prior to the expiration date and continuing to withdraw water after the expiration date is a violation of

Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 40D-2, Florida Administrative Code, and may result in a

monetary penalty and/or loss of the right to use the water. Issuance of a renewal of this permit is

contingent upon District approval.


Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC

13830 Circa Crossing Drive

Lithia, Florida 33547

Integrated Water Use Permit (IWUP)


Polk, Hardee, DeSoto, Hillsborough and Manatee


69,600,000 gpd




Annual Average: Average daily use during a one-year period, expressed in gpd.

Peak Month: Average daily use during the highest water use month, expressed in gpd

87,000,000 gpd

This is a renewal with modification to reduce total permitted quantities and combine seven of Mosaic’s existing

Water Use Permits (WUPs) into a single Integrated WUP (IWUP) for the purposes of phosphate rock mining and

fertilizer manufacturing. The total combined permitted Annual Average quantities are reduced from approximately

99.9 million gallons per day (MGD) to 69.6 MGD (a reduction of approximately 30.3 MGD, or 30%), and total

combined permitted Peak Month daily quantities are reduced from approximately 128.0 MGD to 87.0 MGD (a

reduction of approximately 41.0 MGD, or 32%). The Annual Average daily quantity of 69.6 MGD is based upon a

calculated 2-in-10 annual rainfall event (44.5 inches/year). Long-term average use over the 20-year permit term

(i.e. 20-year average use) is anticipated to be no more than 55.2 MGD.


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