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notebook - Southwest Florida Water Management District

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Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Related Reviews Report September 30, 2012

Project Amendment Type Assigned Completed Description 10YWSFWP

Anna Maria 12-1ESR ESR 11/23/2011 12/22/2011 No substantive comments.

Arcadia 12-1ER EAR-based 1/27/2012 2/13/2012 Text and FLU map amendments.

Auburndale 12-1ESR ESR 12/15/2011 1/11/2012 FLU Map changes near the Polk Parkway and US 92 for "ecotourism"


Auburndale 12-2ACSC Regular 8/10/2012 9/7/2012 FLUM amendments on the Fantasy of Flight - Orlampa property.

Reduces permissible entitlements. May generate nearly 1 MGD

potable water demand.

Auburndale 12-2ESR ESR 7/10/2012 7/18/2012 FLUM amendment on 14.88 recently annexed acres from Linear

Commercial Corridor to Commercial Corridor.

Avon Park 12-1ESR ESR 3/19/2012 4/9/2012 FLU change County MDR & HDR to City MDR. 65 acres near Lakes

Anoka and Lelia.

Avon Park 12-2ESR ESR 4/27/2012 5/17/2012 Text amendments for compatibility with Avon Park Air Force Range


Bushnell 11-1ESR Regular 10/12/2011 Rewrite of Comprehensive plan, adding two new FLUM categories,

amending and updating various elements.

Center Hill ESR 7/25/2012 8/30/2012 Provided feedback on ten-year water supply facilities work plan.

Center Hill 12-1ESR ESR 5/15/2012 6/14/2012 Proposed land use change for 30 acres annexed into the City.

Encouraged coordination with District Regulation for renewal of

water use permit currently under review. This permit would

provide water quantities for proposed development.

Charlotte County 11-3ESR ESR 11/4/2011 The County is proposing to several FLUM related changes.

Citrus 12-1ESR, 12-2ESR, 12-3ESR ESR 1/24/2012 2/21/2012 Text and map amendments. Comments included support for the

implementation of lead BMPs for a proposed shooting range and

coordination on activities for port siting and planning.

Citrus 12-6 ESR 4/6/2012 5/2/2012 Map amendment for 27.5 acres. No substantive comments provided.

Clearwater 12-2ESR ESR 8/20/2012 9/18/2012 The amendment proposes changes to school concurrency and misc.


Dundee 12-1ESR ESR 3/20/2012 4/9/2012 FLU LDR to MDR. 77 acres near Lake Marie.

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