CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


CUSP Magazine is a Chicago based publication focused on helping up and coming creatives gain exposure for their brand and products. Our company is a collective of highly motivated individuals who work together to bring a new voice to the creative community.

Couches and comfy seating are spread out everywhere on the first floor, as a creative thinking

space for Threadless employees. This is where we sat to talk about the multi-faceted business model

that is Threadless. “I really like this,” I said, holding up a soft pillow with a rainbow design and a

cheery, smiling rain cloud. “That’s actually one of our t-shirts,” Kyle said. “Mostly everything around

here is art that has been designed by Threadless artists in one way or another.” I felt like I was in a hip

gallery instead of the lucrative headquarters for a creative business, but that’s the great aesthetic that

Threadless emanates. The story behind the business and the creative collaboration on all levels is what

makes Threadless on the cusp.



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