CUSP Magazine: Winter Issue 2014


CUSP Magazine is a Chicago based publication focused on helping up and coming creatives gain exposure for their brand and products. Our company is a collective of highly motivated individuals who work together to bring a new voice to the creative community.

Considering that we weren’t locals and that we entered this venue as relative unknowns in the LA

scene, our performance was wholly embraced by the crowd, and the humility and supportiveness of the

resident artists was only surpassed by the pure, unbridled creativity exhibited in their sets.

A personal highlight was The Gaslamp Killer, whose chaotic, commanding presence onstage belied

his laid back, approachable demeanor off stage.

Chicago, and the midwest in general, has a burgeoning beat scene of its own; collectives like Push

Beats in Chicago and Young Heavy Souls in Detroit have been carrying the torch for the various sub-genres

of hip-hop for some time now. As a midwesterner, I took several cues from the West Coast excursion and

thought of how we as musicians could apply what I saw out there to our respective independent music


In essence, I think growth at home lies in emphasizing a sense of community at events, where artists

support and celebrate each other, and fans are encouraged to contribute and be made to feel that they

are involved, not just attendees.



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