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JUN 2017



A special thank you goes to all of those who recently

took part in the Bangkok Airways and Teelakow Company

Limited’s sporting event, “Bangkok Airways Boutique

Series 2017: Samui Marathon,” which was an

overwhelming success.

Amidst the landscape of the beautiful Andaman

Ocean, runners of different nationalities joined the event

which took place at the in-demand tourist destination of

Koh Samui. The unique marathon route was designed in a

special way so that participants can see Samui in different

perspectives – while running through the Fisherman

Village and the city centre – and later, a chance to mingle

with the locals and learn about the culture.

26 NOW-

NOV 2017

This is still the moment the

whole country of Thailand

mourns for the loss of a

beloved Father. The late King

Bhumibol Adulyadej reigned

over the kingdom for over

70 years and passed away on

October 13 of last year. In this

period of grieving before His

Majesty’s Royal Cremation and

a final farewell this coming

October, the Bangkok Art and

Culture Centre Foundation

holds a “In Remembrance of

the Great King” exhibition. This

is part of the “In Remembrance

of H.M. King Bhumibol: The

Supreme Artist” project which

recognises the late King’s

remarkable artistic talents

and His royal support and

patronage of Thai arts.

“In Remembrance of the

Great King” features more than

160 rare artworks of different

mediums by leading Thai artists

of various generations as well



King of Hearts

as precious collectibles relating

to King Rama IX. Among

these is a portrait painting

titled “Phrabat Somdet Phra

Poramintharamaha Bhumibol

Adulyadej Mahitalathibet

Ramathibodi Chakkrinaruebodin


Borommanatbophit (Silver

Jubilee, 1971)” by Thongchai

Srisukprasert and another print,

“Navamintraja No. 8, 2013” by

Pinit Phantaprawat, an artist

responsible for engraving

King Rama IX’s portraits for

banknote production.

Curated by Prof. Dr. Apinan

Poshyananda, Tawatchai

Somkong and Sakchai Guy,

“In Remembrance of the Great

King” exhibition will be on

display from now until 26

November, on the 8th Floor of

the Bangkok Art and Culture


bacc.or.th, closed on Mondays,

Tel: +66 (0) 2214 6630-8

If joining the Samui Marathon is still not enough, you

can be part of the “Bangkok Airways Boutique Series

2017 on the upcoming dates: September 24 – Chiang

Rai Marathon, November 19 – Lanna Marathon (Chiang

Mai) and lastly, December 8-10 – Ultra-Trail Panoramic

(Mae Hong Son).

teelakow.com, Tel: +66 (0) 92 979 8287


OCT 2017



Three months of the Buddhist

Lent or Khao Phansa comes to a

finish on this full moon day. Called

Awk Phansa, meaning the end of

Buddhist Lent, monks can now go

out of the temples and receive alms

as usual. During the 3 months of

Khao Phansa in the rainy season,

they have to remain in the same

place. The ‘rain retreat’ is the time

where monks take the opportunity

to practise more; more Buddhist

teachings, more meditation and

more studying.

If you plan to visit some places

in Southeast Asia around this time,


try heading over to Luang Prabang

to experience the festival of lights

on Awk Phansa, an occasion that’s

beautiful and interesting in its

uniqueness. Many handmade paper

lanterns spread around homes and

temple grounds. On the following

day, it is worth watching fire boat

processions when communities

prepare their own little boats or

krathongs, made of banana leaves

decorated with flowers, candles

and incense and floated along the

Mekong River in the evening. Here’s

to a lovely tradition!




OCT 2017

OCT 2017

The observance of strongly held traditions from the Chinese communities

has spread throughout the world with a legacy that still passes on to

the next generation. The Vegetarian Festival or Thetsagan Gin Je is one

of those. It began 400 years ago in China in remembrance of a group

of warriors who defeated the Manchurians. Later, people marked their

calendar each year to go meatless in the 9th month of the lunar calendar to

commemorate the heroes.

You can see yellow and red flag signals at a shop or street stall, meaning

that their shop offers vegetarian and mock meat cuisine. Hundreds of

thousands of people flock into Yaowarat or Bangkok’s Chinatown to

experience a variety of vegetarian dishes from noodles to sweets, believing

these 9 days and 9 nights being meat-free will cleanse their mind, spirit and

body. Its popularity has swept to local restaurants and even food courts in

department stores during the Vegetarian Festival.

Even though the festival is held throughout Thailand, it is especially

celebrated in Yaowarat, Pattaya, Trang, Krabi, Hat Yai and Phuket. The latter

is considered the centre of Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival. But beware of

extreme scenes if you’re faint of heart as some involve tongue piercing and

puncturing of other body parts and other ghastly rituals.



This is one of the most popular Chinese festivals

and the time to commemorate the birthday of a

revolutionary hero who was born on a full moon

some 3,000 years ago in history. The Mid-Autumn

Festival is celebrated among Chinese communities

everywhere in the world. It is the time for families

to spend the good times together and enjoy the

special sweet treat of a ‘Moon Cake’. It’s always a

delight to find different colours and filling flavours

of these cakes; ranging from durian, roasted

chestnuts, coffee, green tea, or even peculiar ones

like peanut butter and ginseng.

In Hong Kong, it is a perfect time to try the

hairy crab which is a favoured Chinese delicacy

during this season and accompanied by Chinese

wine or ginger tea. You can also go out at night to

witness the biggest and roundest moon and join

the parade of luminous lights and lanterns in major

Chinese cities like Hong Kong and Singapore.

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