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Oral Presentations:

Oral Presentations: Session 1 Changing Lives at the Workplace Chair: Charles Dahwa Lorna Chesterton Nurses lived experiences of professional accountability and its impact upon patient care: A Hermeneutical Study Sarah-Jane Lennie sarah-jane.lennie Shyamenda Nathan Purslow Emotional in-authenticity: The psychological impact of emotional labour on police officers Authentic Leadership Development: Through developing supportive networks Health Science in Changing Times Chair: Elliot Owen Amani Owda Active Millimetre-Wave Imaging for monitoring the wound healing progress Declan Ryan Kai Betlem Modelling any impact on cardiovascular health of sedentary behaviour and physical activity lifestyle substitution in older adults Evaluating enzymatic catalysis with the Heat Transfer Method (HTM) Advances in Clothing Development Chair: Zofija Tupikovskaja-Omovie Monika Balach Anthropometry and group sizes in clothing Kristina Brubacher kristina.brubacher R. K. Jayamali De Silva Community and Safety Chair: Amuda Agneswaran Sam Langton samuel.langton@ Adam Westall Dave Wood Designing sports compression garments with controlled pressure Conceptualization of a virtual reality-based new product development process for the apparel industry Neighbourhood trajectories: a longitudinal study of criminality Volunteers on patrol: The role of volunteer patrols as providers of community safety in Manchester ‘You can’t solve the Black Death with medicine’: An asset based community approach to working with the marginalised and disadvantaged Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Politechnika Lodzka, Poland Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University & University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Liverpool Hope University 10:30-10:50 M. Room 3 10:55-11:15 M. Room 3 11:20-11:40 M. Room 3 10:30-10:50 M. Room 4 10:55-11:15 M. Room 4 11:20-11:40 M. Room 4 10:30-10:50 M. Room 7 10:55-11:15 M. Room 7 11:20-11:40 M. Room 7 10:30-10:50 M. Room 8 10:55-11:15 M. Room 8 11:20-11:40 M. Room 8

Oral Presentations: Session 2 Development and Economic Systems for a Better Future Chair: Kristina Brubacher Sara Han and Nick Hall Whole systems thinking for circular economy design practice Manchester Metropolitan University Aman Mdewa Nthangu aman.m.nthangu@ Influence of progress towards the United Nations’ Manchester sustainable development goals on inward foreign investment Metropolitan University 12:10-12:30 M. Room 3 12:35-12:55 M. Room 3 James Scott Vandeventer james.vandeventer@ Changing our economic system: An interdisciplinary approach to conceptualising the degrowth niche Manchester Metropolitan University 13:00-13:20 M. Room 3 Feminism and Empowering Women Chair: Sofia Persson Natalie Diddams A material feminist study of women-led comedy as a site for gender disruption within Fourth Wave Feminism(s) Heather Piggott heather.piggott@ Caroline Evers caroline.evers@ Attitudes towards women’s labour in rural India and Bangladesh Transforming the road to leadership – Mentoring female placement students through the first phase of the career pipeline Manchester Metropolitan University University of Manchester Manchester Metropolitan University Changing Lives Through Technologies Chair: Ella Cranmer Luke Abberley Changing lives with big data in congestion filled Manchester Manchester Metropolitan University Christos Pantelidis christos.pantelidis@ Natasha Moorhouse Natasha.Moorhouse@ Exploring tourist experience of virtual reality in a rural destinations: A place attachment theory perspective Enhancing the consumer retail experience through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies Young People and Challenges in Learning Chair: Carrie Birkett Charlene Crossley Here. Me. Now: The goals and aspirations of young people living in communities labelled as gang affected Francesca Ribonfors francesca.ribonfors@ Jessica Newcombe Jessica.newcombe@ Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Metropolitan University Towards adulthood: Exploring transitions to adulthood for Manchester young people with learning disabilities in a devolving Greater Metropolitan Manchester University Peer mentoring for secondary school students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) University of Northampton 12:10-12:30 M. Room 4 12:35-12:55 M. Room 4 13:00-13:20 M. Room 4 12:10-12:30 M. Room 7 12:35-12:55 M. Room 7 13:00-13:20 M. Room 7 12:10-12:30 M. Room 8 12:35-12:55 M. Room 8 13:00-13:20 M. Room 8

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